2022 offseason - Outside ACC Basketball Chat

Titus participating in my new favorite sport - Purdue-bashing:


Is it from true Purdue hate or just that Titus is so good at it? I can listen to Tate trash Duke all day.

Not true hate. His mom played hoops there and is in their HOF. His dad is an IU fan, so it’s a “mixed marriage.” :joy:

The graphic was part of his Purdue day of giving annual bit.


This would not affect the ACC or other power conferences, but this is a really cool idea for adding two BracketBuster-style nonconference games into the February schedule:

This would be a pretty good week of basketball watching for the neutral fans as well.


ACC and other power conferences should follow suit

Sad news on a former Spartan:


Damn. Thats just awful

Wow. That dude and Branden Dawson killed us in the 2014 tourney.

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Oh, that’s horrible.

Armaan Franklin’s aunt from carousing twitter


Why does he do this now when rosters aren’t finalized?

Austin Rivers was NUTS!

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