2023 Baseball

6 - 4 win for the Hoos today.

Gelof and Teel each homered.

The first year pitchers (Hodges, Jaxel, Blanco) were the story of the day. They combined for 7.0 innings pitched, 3 hits, 1 run, 2 walks, and 11 strikeouts.

Add in Jack O’Connor, Cullen McKay, and eventually Aidan Teel (and two other first year arms we haven’t seen yet) and we’re going to have an amazing pitching staff made up of this class.


First game in the series is at 1:00 this afternoon.


Nick Parker took a line drive to the side of the head in the top of the 1st. He laid on the mound for a few minutes. Then was able to sit up and walk off with a supporting arm.

Pitcher’s worst-nightmare ball. FSU smoked a line drive right back at him while he’s still in his follow-through. All things considered, Parker seems to be okay, but is obviously out and I would guess for a little while.


Prayers up for Parker for sure. Was a scary moment.


Walkoff single in the 10th. Wahoowa!


That was a dramatic game all the way around. Bottom 8th we have bases loaded with no outs and have some real bad at-bats (Anderson struck out on 3 pitches). But the guys stuck in there and kept fighting. Great college baseball game.


FSU bullpen had a meltdown in the 7th. We scored six runs on two hits, two HBP’s, and five walks all with two outs. Kyle Teel continues to rake as well, three more hits today puts him up to a .467 BA on the season along with throwing out 10/14 runners on the basepaths.

That’s 3/3 so far on ACC series wins, for those that don’t keep up with college baseball much getting 2 out of 3 on the weekends during conference play is the general goal especially in a league as stacked as ours. Been a fantastic start to the year.

We go for the sweep tomorrow at 1.


22-2, 7-2 after today’s 15 to 4 win over FSU.


We got BATS!! @KarlHess, you may have answered a question like this so I apologize if I missed it, what’s your assessment of this team thus far?? Are we this good? Just on a super hot streak to start? Weak comp? Just wanting to know how high I should be on this team.


My amateur opinion… the bats are great just like last season… what has been the main difference so far this season is the pitching is super solid AND deep, plus the defense has been better (ignore today’s game with 3 errors).


Pitching questions coming into the season have mostly been answered. I’ll echo Karl’s opinion that I don’t think our starters are quite at that ‘elite’ level you need in order to win it all in Omaha, but they’re definitely gamers who give us quality innings. As you said our bullpen is MUCH deeper than last year’s, the first years Blanco, Jaxel, and Hodges look very promising and our returners/transfers in have been lights out.

Hopefully Parker is able to come back from his scary injury this past Friday, it’ll be interesting to see how the staff handles the rotation both in the midweek against a really good opponent in ODU and this weekend @ VT. I could see us going with a staff day on Tuesday and then bumping Early up to the Saturday slot if Parker has to miss any time, which is something our coaching staff might’ve planned on doing anyway with how well Connelly’s been pitching and the fact that we could use a lefty starter in our rotation.


ODU is visiting today.

They’ll be a legit opponent in the midweek due to their offense.


@KarlHess what are the small black pouches the UVa players have attached to their belt buckles?

It’s to receive the pitch call from the dugout, to anticipate where the ball might be put in play, etc.

A speaker?

I believe it’s some sort of symbol, like receiving an SMS message or something like that

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Based out of Waynesboro, VA. Started this last season with the pitching staff. This season has expanded to other players for running signs, fielding assignments, etc.

Edit: so not a symbol but a numerical code like “15” where “1” is fastball and “5” is middle. Or to a baserunner, “1” might be a steal, etc.

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I am surprised the whole system is legal