2023 Basketball - Who's Staying? Who's Going?

I am a non-VIP who’s also cut out Twitter in my life. I’m hoping to consolidate information about departure decisions in one place.

Kihei Clark, Jayden Gardner, and Ben Vander Plas have exhausted their eligibility. Francisco Caffaro has given indications over the year that he will not take an extra covid 5th year, I believe.

Armaan Franklin remains a question mark about an extra year? Chris Graham said in the Augusta Free Press that Reece Beekman plans to return. Is that a legitimate source?

There was a rumor about Isaac Traudt transferring from a radio show. Updates on that besides hand-wringing? And Kadin Shedrick and Taine Murray are thought to be transfer risks, too, for obvious reasons.

Too soon to be desperately seeking good news about the future?


No insight, but continuity is the best thing for a program like ours. I hope everyone who can stay does and we go on a revenge tour next year.

An early prediction of mine is that next year could easily see us return to the elite defensive days of old. Imagine trying to score on Reece-Mckneely-Bond-Dunn-Kadin. But also I could see the offense being a struggle once again a la 2020

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I kind of want to see what the fanbase thinks the odds are of certain guys coming back, but I think that would be in bad taste. Would it be in bad taste?

  • Yes
  • Yes, obviously. Duh
  • Yes, obviously. Duh, but still I’d like to see it

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Never change, Haney, never change


Okay, for the record, I won’t do it. (but if someone else does, I won’t hate it…)


Too much speculation is not good for anyone’s psyche… echo chambers are super real… don’t need those about perceived departures.


Uva grad Ian Cohen on Haney fave (non-sports) pod Indiecast recommended a breakup album basically by saying “this album made me break up with my GF who I then called back an hour later telling her we needed to get back together now that I’m no longer listening to it.” Yes, it’s real!

Album of the Year, by some Saddle Creek side project whose name I forget, fwiw.

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I’m agreed with LRA’s Most Interesting Man in the world. We’ve touched that hot stove already this week as a community, I’d prefer to not get burnt again.


I did it. Posted in another thread here and on The Curved Sword. Got 61 responses on Survey Monkey.

This is the percentage of people who answered, “Yes the named person will be on the 23-24 team.”

Also asked how many IN-transfers we will have. Results:


why are we reaching out to Robert Jennings?

So fans think Kadin, Taine, and Armaan are the close calls. That makes sense. Appreciate you doing this.


Amazed by the confidence that Reece will be back

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I think it’s 80% he’ll be back. I see him getting late 2R or undrafted in most mocks. He didn’t get to make the big jump this year because of the hammy. He finished the year at 35% on 3s after starting better. He can come back and improve his draft stock.


I’m certainly hoping all three are back, or at least the two projected starters.


Why? CTB had him on the podium yesterday and he referenced playing with Issac next year.


Which Isaac?



For those interested in timing. Last year:

3/22 UVA loses to St. Bonaventure
3/23 McCorkle enters portal
3/25 Poindexter enters portal
4/1 Miličić enters portal
4/8 Gardner announces return
4/18 Kihei announces return
4/23 BVP commits to UVA

So within 3 days we heard from 2/3 of our out-transfers. I remember the later Miličić announcement was a gut punch because I thought it was over.


Nothing could be worse than the offense in 2020. Just dreadful. There’s no way we could be that awful with shooters like the Issacs on the team. They’ll prevent 2020 by themselves.