2023 Off-Season Basketball - Outside UVa

Must be a mistake, I dont see dancing Tony.

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No UNLV for Gramama?

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Inject that into my veins


South Lakes HS, Grant Hill’s alma mater.

And Joey Beard’s too.

Fresh agrees with me that Beard made a huge mistake by picking Duke over the Hoos.


Yea man. Great dude that shoulda been a hoo

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Teams with multiple experienced players on one or more of the big three preseason 2024 mock drafts (Vecenie, Givony/Woo, Wasserman)

  • Uconn
  • Duke
  • Virginia
  • Syracuse
  • Creighton
  • Marquette
  • Illinois (sorry, missed them originally

Historically, teams that have won natties recently, tend to have (like 2/3 or so, at least, back to 2016) two guys get drafted that are in at least their sophomore year (meaning, not OAD). The obvious caveat though is that it’s probably less than 2/3 that would have qualified from the preseason mocks.

Except for Vecenie (who helped on the Athletic top 25, with CJ Moore), the preseason prediction stuff and the NBA mocks tend to be separate lanes, but I find the NBA draft stuff to be a pretty good way to figure out who might be getting overrated (Kansas - only McCullar shows up in any list, at 54 on Sam’s) or underrated (ahem) leading into the season.

If I have time later, I will show my work.

Wasserman (top 50) Givony/Woo Vecenie
Uconn Clingan (Soph) - 7 Clingan (Soph) - 8
Karaban (Soph) - 55
Clingan (Soph) - 7
Karaban (Soph) - 46
Duke Proctor (Soph) - 9
Flip (Soph) - 15
Flip (Soph) - 10
Proctor (Soph) - 12
Mitchell (Soph) - 27
Proctor (Soph) - 6
Flip (Soph) - 13
Mitchell (Soph) - 18
Virginia Beekman (Sr) - 35 Dunn (Soph) - 21
Beekman (Sr) - 30
Dunn (Soph) - 32
Beekman (Sr) - 45
Syracuse Mintz (Soph) - 22 Starling (Soph) - 35
Mintz (Soph) - 42
Mintz (Soph) - 27
Creighton Alexander (Jr) - 34
Scheierman (Sup Sr) - 47
Scheierman (Sup Sr) - 43
Alexander (Jr) - 46
Kalkbrenner (Sr) - 47
Alexander (Jr) - 17
Kalkbrenner (Sr) - 51
Scheierman (Sup Sr) - 56
Marquette Kolek (Sr) - 53 Ighodaro (Sr) - 28
Illinois Shannon (Sup Sr) - 34
Hawkins (Sr) - 57

If you include teams with one experienced guy, and at least one OAD, a couple others pop up. E.g., Colorado (which surprised me – move over Coach Prime…) and Kentucky.


Not bragging or anything, but I just walked past Rick Pitino on my way to work


Looks like he’s really enjoying himself…

No. Rick Pitino walked by YOU on his way to work.


Yeah, he’s probably giddily texting his fam and friends, too. Fair point


“It’s a pleasure for you to have met me.”


Hope you had a pack line hoodie on or some shit


Nothing - very disappointing. I even let him and his no-neck driver (I assume) pass by first (wasn’t room for both of us) and not even a thank you.

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Did you end up punching yourself in the face like Britney Spears did trying to talk to Wembenyama?


I hope Rick wasn’t planning on walking from wherever in (I’m assuming) Manhattan that @haney was to Flushing? Jamaica? What part of Queens is that anyway?

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You have to cut Rick some slack. I mean, you surprised him. He was probably thinking “Holy s&@!, I think that’s Haney! I wonder if he can say “hi” to Tony for me?” And then he tried to play it cool.

Oh My God Omg GIF


Always crucial to remember who the main character is.

@zh00s @Hoos9412 (continuing from a tangential point in the recruiting thread) On the “why did Shaka not succeed at Texas” question - I thought 9412 raised a good point. Shaka couldn’t get the program building part right at Texas. I think it’s too early to say he’s doing that at Marquette – after all, he’s just had one good year so far – but he’s definitely being a bit more intentional about building a program, not just assembling talent.