2023 Off-Season Basketball - Outside UVa

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These mean squat as we dont even know the transfer portal shaking down yet, but let the preseason Duke is #1 hype begin.

Duke 1
Miami 8
UNC 23

No other ACC teams including UVA in the top 25 or 15 teams to watch. Even if we land a good transfer or two we are going to be flying way under the radar next season.



I’m a big fan of the way too earlys, but this year it feels way way too early.


Agreed. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a “way too early” list come out before the prior season ends.


Not sure where to put this. But he was our former beat writer (including hoops).


I forgot that name but now remember him being universally hated on thesabre, just didn’t seem to like UVa and came off as a troll.

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The lone voter for Ohtani (or one of two?) for mvp. A contrarian’s contrarian.

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Goodman’s way too early. UVa in “just missed”


I guess he doesn’t know we don’t have any players


Standard disclaimer that these rankings mean nothing, other than giving us something to talk about. Traudt penciled into the Creighton starting lineup and coming in at #10


I had no idea Freddie Dillone redshirted, weird.

He enrolled in January. I didn’t realize that

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I think it will be important to remember that Traudt ultimately did not want to be here, and if we do see him succeed at Creighton and people are like “Imagine if he was here” It’s important to remember that since he didn’t want to be here, he wouldn’t be doing this here.

Because if Traudt does well you will have people obnoxiously posting his statlines and beating a dead horse like we did with Igor who ended up being not that great. Posting about him during next season won’t bring him back.


Or you might have people say he was here in 2022-23 and was available at the start of the season and wasn’t used and we missed out on his skillset during a season it was the thing the team needed most.
Hoo cares about 24 and beyond … could have made a run with the 2 Isaac’s shooting.


But we gain nothing about continually bringing it up because we can’t change the past. Why even mention it in the first place during next season? lol. That’s a hypothetical. Coulda is not woulda. Maybe shoulda but shoulda is in the past.


I take this to mean that Lively is back. (Mark williams played 2 years)

Damn. Duke is goanna be tough next year if Lively comes back… already tough but yeah that sucks.

I think they would have the best defense in the country with Proctor, Mitchell and Lively


If they get Lively back, they’ll be full so they wouldn’t be able to take a transfer.

Although Blakes and Schutt should be looking elsewhere with Foster and McCain coming in, and Proctor staying.

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