2023 Summer Recruiting Thread

Scholastic Period Starts tomorrow

The probable vision for the 2024 class: pg, wing, forward

Point Guard

Christian Bliss:

  • Pg from the Queens playing ball with PSA Cardinals (Nike).
  • Final 4 of Xavier, Villanova, Miami, and the Hoos.
  • Said he wanted to visit but no date set yet publicly Looking to decide maybe before Live Periods start up in July. (edit: June 21st official to UVA scheduled)

Trent Perry:

  • Pg from Cali playing with Las Vegas Elite (Nike).
  • Was MVP of his high school division with Harvard Westlake (a lot of D1 talent including Bronny James). - Southern Cal, St Marys, and UCLA(?) seem to be the main competition.
  • Has said he watched a lot of London Perrantes growing up which couldn’t hurt.
  • No visit scheduled yet. No clear timetable


Kon Knueppel:

  • Combo guard/shooting wing playing for Phenom University (Nike).
  • Unofficial top 3 of UVA, Wisconsin, and Marquette but visiting Ohio State and Louisville this month on top of unofficials to Wisconsin and Marquette. Wants to visit Notre Dame in August. Looking for a September commitment at the moment.
  • Already visited UVA and by all accounts (UVA and wisconsin insiders) the visit went really well but distance from home could be a factor.

Isaiah Abraham:

  • Athletic wing/forward from Virginia playing for Team Takeover (nike)
  • Stats hasn’t been impressive as he has bought into glue guy role on both PVI and Team Takeover but settings in which he can play more free (like Pangos) show he is still a very high ceiling player
  • Competition seems to be Marquette, Providence, and UConn. No idea if he is looking to play with his Cousin Pat Ngongba. Recently visited Marquette (Dad’s alma) and UConn (with his cousin).
  • Wants to decide before next high school season. Has unofficialed many times to UVA. Will be interesting to see if an official is scheduled after DMV live period


Jarin Stevenson: Going to UNC or Alabama
Caleb Williams: Going to Georgetown or Villlanova

Ryan Jones:

  • Power forward from Gainesville Florida playing for Judah Nation (New Balance)
  • Former 5 star who has suffered injury setbacks taking him away from basketball for a prolonged time. But back healthy and back playing to a top 30 player caliber. Bruiser but also strong floor spacer. Would show him Mike Scott, Sam Hauser, and Jayden Gardner clips
  • Current competition (if we offer) would be LSU, Xavier, and Florida.
  • Looking to take visits in the fall

William Jobe:

  • Stretch 4 from Georgia playing with Pro1 (under armour/Ty Davis’s team)
  • Unranked but has blown up a little picking up multiple power 5 offers from Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Florida State among others.
  • Recently visited several Ivy League schools (and I think his dad is an AP US History teacher according to twitter).
  • Possibly a redshirt candidate (very thin at the moment/Very Huff like. Not idea if he grows to 7ft+ like Huff. Currently 6’10)

Others on the radar including players like Jase Richardson (PG playing in Nevada), Brandon Jennings Jr (pg playing at St. Christophers in Richmond), David Clark (shooting wing from Atlanta) and David Punch (wing/forward from Texas) amongst many other new names that will emerge over the summer no doubt


Will UVA get Kon Knueppel?

  • Yes
  • No

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Will UVA get more than one of the kids from the list above?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do any of the scholastic live periods events stream? (that we would care about)

DMV but I think you have to pay.


Several of them are on Baller TV ($$). Doubt any are free. It’s kind of funny. One of the NCAA’s big complaints about the AAU live periods that was used an excuse to trade them for these scholastic periods was the so called packet racket…high fees charged to coaches to attend them.

But looking over the websites for the scholastic periods, they’re charging about the same as AAU events do haha Most are $150-200 per coach. Which is no big deal for UVA, but lower levels have small recruiting budgets. 4 coaches attending multiple events a weekend adds up.


He seems to be revising all of the other teams, so we need at least one more unofficial visit to close on him?


Four-star 2024 prospect Christian Bliss has locked in two visits: Xavier on June 19th and Virginia on the 21st, he told @Stockrisers. Both official visits.

— Jake (@jakeweingarten) June 15, 2023

So Miami gets last visit I suppose. Gross

Glad it’s nailed down though and the team will all be on Grounds.


Winner gets Kon


Of course we are playing Wisconsin. Of course.

  1. ugh

  2. Kon delays his commitment until this game. Sits on a throne at mid court, court-side.


It’s hilarious that anybody voted yes. What is wrong with you people? Fucking ridiculous.


Wisconsin supposed to be good next year?

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They’ll be decent yes. Return a bunch from last year


Torvik has them at 30. Hepburn at point. Wahl is decent. GusBus+Elijah reunion, at least


Man, Wisconsin is all the bad stuff we get accused of, often wrongly. They don’t turn the ball over! No, that would be an act of mercy to spectators. Instead, they take really good care of it so they can put up abysmal shots.

I’m begging you Wisconsin athletic department, please have the common decency to pull the plug on the Gard era. Those jerkoffs are risking ruining a kid like Kon just because they still hear faint beeps when they walk by Gard’s hospital room. (Too far? Perhaps…)


Yeah, that one edged off the cliff.


Also, imagine how good of a coach CTB would be if he had accepted the head coach position at UWis? I don’t even want to contemplate that scenario.


Man, how sweet would that be? Between the first coach after Leitao and then the next coach after that there’s no way we would’ve lost so many first round games in “THE MADNESS.”

The only downside I can contemplate is that we would not have had the pleasure of the full redshirt experience.