2023 Women's Basketball Offseason


Bonus: No worries about Mo getting homesick


What’s Coach Mox’s redshirting philosophy? /joke…maybe?

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So, apparently not overrated. Good news for Hoo fans.

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Yeah, Mo carried STAB to the state finals this year (lost to Paul VI, just like the boys). They went last year, too (and also lost to Paul VI) but they had a couple other D1 commits playing major roles. But this year I think Mo did it a lot more single-handedly and she was the Gatorade player of the year twice in a row. So, you never know, she might end up a college bust, but her HS track record is really good.

I’m really curious how STAB girls hoops will go next season. Coach Stinney has won the league like 8 years in a row or something ridiculous so he’ll probably figure things out. Hopefully he’s got a bunch of great freshman you never hear about because everyone was watching Mo.

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Oh, she won the three-point contest? Big deal, what else can she d–


Great article here:

In particular I’m thrilled to see confirmation that, as one would expect, Mox is prioritizing a transfer big:

Virginia is likely to add four or five transfers for 2023-24, Agugua-Hamilton said. “There’s good options [in the portal], and there’s lots of options that want UVA, so it’s a good thing.”

Adding size to the frontcourt is a priority. […] “We have great post players, first of all,” Agugua-Hamilton said, “but we need to bring in that big center. Cam played great there, London played great there, and Sam even played 5 for us at times. They all held their own, of course, but it would really help them and open up things for them more if we had that big 6-4, 6-5 post player or something like that.”


Nice… I’m just glad she isn’t pulling up at the elbow and bricking 75% of her shots.


She’s gonna be nice. Cannot wait to see this team gel together and take the court next year.


Any speculation as to who it might be. They need a big.

Combo guard I think. They do have a couple bigs ones up though


It’s wild how hard it is to get recruiting/transfer info on the women’s team. Tony would die for this kind of secrecy.


There we go:


Wow, amazing addition


Tons of potential there. Great pick up by Coach Mox.


Side note: Arizona has had six(!) players enter the portal this season on the women’s side. No idea what’s going on there, they are only two years removed from being the national runner-up.

And two assistants and the video coordinator apparently:


Man, Mox must make one hell of a pitch. She just keeps landing em (and this time there’s no “local girl” factor to help her out). Plus she landed Clark even though our backcourt is already kinda full, with Smith and Vaughn and Pauley coming back, and O and Mo and coming in. We’re gonna be able to keep platooning, if that’s Mox’s style and not just something she did last year out of necessity.

Now get us a coupla big-bigs, Coach!


O has good size right? Seems like she could play the 3 with any two of those guards. I didn’t watch closely enough to be able to make a depth chart, but I would love to see what one of you thinks it looks like now.

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Our team is so short that McGhee (listed at 6’2") might step in and already be the tallest person on the team.

I’m kinda hoping we shift Brunelle and Lawson to the 3, put Cam and Mir and London mostly at the 4, and bring in some height at the 5 (London can back up the 5 as needed). Everyone was forced to play undersized this year. But yeah McGhee could slot in at the 3 too.