'21 - '22 In-Season UVa Basketball Chat

9.1% winning percentage in national title games? Unacceptable.


My hope is that Armaan only plays 20m a game - maybe 24 at most - next year. I also wish that would be the case this year but not likely to happen.
For next year - My hope is that he plays at the 2 almost exclusively and we can play guys at the positions they are best suited for 95% of the time.
Reece at 1 - Only need Isaac or
Franklin/ McKneely at 2 - Carson prob. gone - would prefer Carson over Franklin - since Franklin would be in his last year
Milicic/Murray at 3
Traudt at 4
Shedrick/Transfer/Papi at 5
Traudt at legit small ball 5 with Milicic as small ball 4.

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Actually his winning % is 100 percent. 1 for 1.

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