'21 - '22 In-Season UVa Basketball Chat

Split this one out too… for the generic chat

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Do we have a legitimate shot against Houston? If so… what is the line-up and who is the 6th man?

I don’t know a thing about Houston but I do think the Hoos have a shot depending on who/how they show up. I could list of multiple lineup options but realistically i think we’ll see/need some combo of Kihei Reece Franklin Jayden Kadin with solid mins and contributions from Carson Taine and a sprinkle of Papi Kody to bridge some mins.

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Haven’t seen them play yet this year, but just like UNC under Roy, a big part of their offense has been ORs. Gotta rebound well, which has been an issue.


Are illegal screens a point of emphasis for officials this year? From what few games I have seen so far, there seem to be a lot of illegal/moving screens being called.

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We will have to shoot it very well since we have shown an inability to defensive rebound and that is Houston’s strength - offensive rebounding - usually top 5 in the nation.


Plus they are grown men who play hard. Perfect early season opponent for a year we are trying to rebuild team toughness.

Liberty up early on LSU. Couple UVA/Packline mentions already. Efton is meh. Solid post man. Not sure he could hedge or defend like Kadin

Well, Tech destroyed Radford and Louisville destroyed Navy.

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Navy currently 6 of 35 from three since playing UVA.


Shulman and Bilas tomorrow night. Big time


Good. I was hoping for some duke talk and updates on what’s wrong with college basketball rather than hearing about the game being played. Awesome.


Yeah, I think he’s good but he does tend to meander

Who do we like these days? I like Raf and I like Eagle/Spanarkel but they’re doing Brooklyn until the tourney.

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Not sure where to put this, but saw this post on 247 where a poster from TheSabre (Hoo_TV) archives a lot of the games from basketball, football, etc. Thought some of you guys would enjoy this because it is a gold mine.

Link to Google Doc:

Link to the football games:

Link to the basketball games:


I’ve used these resources more times than I can count. Love throwing on a random TB era game when I’m killing time on a Friday. Pretty much have it on as background noise on one of my monitors half the time.

Most recent re-watch was that UVA/VCU game from 2016. That team was so fun before Anderson got hurt.


You mean 14/15? 15/16 would’ve won the title if Justin wasn’t already in the NBA.

Yep, you’re right. Got my years mixed up. That was the game after we beat Maryland in College Park too. Such an impressive stretch where it looked like we could beat anyone. And frankly, with Anderson healthy, we were a top 2-3 team in the country that year easily.


Cory is my favorite announcer. I will die on this hill.


Cory’s actually pretty good when he tamps down the Cory by like 2% or so.

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