22 Lacrosse recruiting

" Tiffany Announces Nation’s No. 1 Overall Signing Class of 2022"

Found the above link on another forum (I don’t know what this forum’s desire is regarding naming other forums).

Per “Inside Lacrosse” for most of the below:

#2, #4, #17 (#3 defenseman), #46, #10 prospects out of the 9 newcomers.


My vague impression was recruiting maybe wasn’t quite where we wanted it to be for the past year or two, or least didn’t seem to line up with winning back-to-back national titles. So this seems pretty welcome.

But I also don’t follow this closely, so could have been wrong.


I don’t think you are/were wrong. I seem to remember the same feelings. I was really surprised when I saw the #1 overall ranking.

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We’re behind in '23 recruiting right now… this year was a homerun though.

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All of our recent classes have been top 3. Might not have been as good as Duke or Maryland one year but they weren’t bad.


I thought Lacrosse was the sport where kids were being recruited as middle schoolers and they were generally locked up by the time they were 15, so there’s a long lag period before on field results affect recruiting. Maybe I’m wrong or that’s changed?

Not sure where else to put this… but funny…

I met Vince at LAX 3.5 years ago (a few weeks after the MBB Natty). He was on a quick trip to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding before heading back for the MLAX NCAAs (we all know how those turned out :trophy:). What a great guy. I’m glad to see he’s moving up in the Sports Information world. It would be awesome if he made his way back to C’ville as SID one day.