5 Takeaways from the Wake Forest Win


Nice write up. The biggest positive from our win over Wake is Tomas. Even with one of our most consistent producers shooting 2-16 and 3-9 from the line and Jay only taking one shot, we were still able to pull out the W. Bax will be back to his old self tonight. But what Tomas did really shows how badly this teams needs just one long range shooter on the floor. I really feel like it would be the catalyst that changes everything.
You make a really good point that Kihei has to take more risk to find scoring opportunities. Having an open long range shooter would reduce those turnovers. Usually passes around the 3 point line or kicking it back out to the 3 is a low risk pass. Secondly, having the outside shooter spreads the defence more and takes focus of Mamadi and our bigs. So the benefit is threefold for having a consistent 3 point shooter. Less pressure to take risk on Kihei, Less focus on bigs down low, and of course more SCORING which is our greatest need! Im all in on Tomas!
Our last few loses were so close, and if Tomas could become just a bit more consistent, this could be the difference maker.


Tomas Woldetensae is Kyle Guy?

Uhhhh… ok.

We beat the worst team in ACC – and they were shorthanded – but needed Woldetensae to hit seven three-pointers to do it.

And Wake Forest doesn’t play defense! They’re allowing 73 points per game. Virginia scored the fewest points in regulation against that putrid defense than anyone else has all season – tied with the College of Charleston.

I’m not looking for the silver lining in this one. A win is a win. Let’s move on and never mention it again.

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I agree it definitely wasnt a good win…but with Tomas being the first player all season to hit multiple three pointers…thats definitely worth celebrating. He could potentially fill the biggest hole in our weak offense. If Key would of had a normal shooting night we would of won by double digits.


Twas sarcasm, but yes another rough performance. That said, imo we already lost to the worst team in the ACC at Boston College, so I’ll welcome any road win in the ACC with open arms.