A Little Christmas Cheer

Just to cheer you up:

Next season, Virginia trades Mamadi Diakite and Braxton Key for Sam Hauser, Jabri Abdur-Rahim, Reece Beekman, Carson McCorkle, and Kadin Shedrick. In addition, returning players Francisco Caffaro, Casey Morsell, Kihei Clark, Jay Huff, and Justin McKoy will all have a year of experience under their belts.

These changes address the specific gaps we’ve seen this year: lack of experience, lack of depth, dearth of ballhandlers, and utter lack of three-point shooting.

Experience: the likely starting lineup next season will include fifth-year senior Jay Huff, junior Kihei Clark, sophomore Casey Morsell, fifth-year redshirt senior Sam Hauser, and freshman Jabri Abdur-Rahim. That looks like a Tony Bennett lineup: two guys in their fifth year, a junior who won a National Championship, a solid sophomore, and a superstar freshman. Problem solved.

Depth: This year, we have nine scholarship players. Next year, we’ll have twelve. Problem solved.

Ballhandlers: With just Kihei Clark to handle the ball, Virginia is forced to turn to walk-ons at the point. And Clark can’t risk foul trouble. Next year, the addition of Reece Beekman gives Bennett a two-headed monster. Problem solved.

Three Point Shooting: Virginia’s shooting woes are well-documented. Next year, Virginia brings in proven shooter Sam Hauser and promising newcomer Carson McCorkle. And Jabri Abdur-Rahim has had games where he’s made 10 three pointers. Problem solved.

So enjoy watching Virginia play this year secure in the knowledge that the future is very, very bright.


Damn…That is something to look forward to! I honestly do appreciate that write up! Im not exactly surprised by our performance last game, But I do think Bennett truly deserves to land some highly talented players for as good of a coach as he is. I think that is starting to happen beginning next year. Im really curious, I have not looked up the facts to prove this, but I believe that Bennett is one of the coaches(or the coach)that has won a National Championship with the lowest ranked recruiting talent. Not to take anything away from our boys…They are amazing players! But Bennett did lots to develop them further into the great players that they are. So with that said…doing all he has done, I would expect that he deserves and will land a strong recruiting class in 2021 in addition to the great 2020 class he already has ready for next year.



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