ACCT: Clemson vs UVA thread (9:30pm Friday)

Winning would be great and it would put us in position to personally make sure of Happiness #2 (Duke not to win the ACCT) after we took care of #1 by beating UNC. But if Clemson gets into tournament position because they beat us and therefore the ACC gets more teams in the tournament and more NCAA revenue shares and we get a few extra days of rest, that’s not the end of the world either. I guess the downside would be that it eliminates the small chance we have of getting a 3 seed and risks us not getting the Greensboro first weekend site.

F it. Go Hoos! Beat CU!


Oh and Clemson winning probably keeps Brownell around another season at least and that’s probably a good thing for us. And Bennett likes Brownell, so I don’t want him getting pissed off one of his friends got fired or something.

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There’s a real risk (if not yet a probability) that the ACC gets only 3 teams in the tourney. I think NC State is in and some think Pitt is in, but they’re both flirting with danger. Yet of all the ACC “almosts,” Clemson is the one I’d most like to see compete in March Madness. Kind of unfortunate that the consensus is they’d need the AQ to get in.


The objectively correct opinion is:

I want us to win it. But if we lose tonight but look really good and Clemson is on a heater … I won’t mind that much because the guys will get rest and we look good overall.

What will actually happen:

We win tonight in an absolute grinder. Exhausted, we face Duke in the final game. It’s a hard fought battle. Kihei and Reece both get injured. We lose by 2.


I think we’re at risk of slipping to a 5 seed if we lose to Clemson. I assume 4 seed is locked up if we win and outside chance of a 3 if we win the championship


It’s funny during the season I worry about the ACC getting 4, 5, 6 teams or whatever. But now that we’re in tournament play. I don’t give a f$ck about anyone else or the conference. It’s lonely at the top if other teams wanted in they should have played better. It’s time for the Hoos to take what’s there’s and the weak can fend for themselves.

We’re takers gents. We take things.


The 12/13 profiles look pretty similar this year and we’re losing to either anyway, so 4-5 isn’t a big deal.


For me you start Papi. We know he will face maul at some point and have FT line conversations with their bigs while smiling. I loved thaf dynamic last night to start. And look hoo finshed: Kadin

Agree Dunn is huge tonight against big dudes that are mobile and can shoot the three

Papi after hammering someone: Armando you really get 1 million in NIL bro? (Smiles)

Mando: yea big man its real

Papi: bro you should move to Argentin. Thats like 50 million pesos bro (smiles)

Mando: wiat what???


Mama Franklin is gonna love that!


It would be rough if Clemson was left out after we beat them tonight. No doubt they have some bad losses but I think they are at least deserving of the First Four in Dayton.

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So that’s why Bacot is already punting on the NIT he’s packing his bags for Buenos Aires


I don’t wish for anyone to lose their job, so here’s my alternate wish – I hope the Brownells get some time to enjoy all that “Beach House / 2-week trip to Europe and stay in the fancy hotels” money they’ve been stealing from the taxpayers of South Carolina and the boosters of Clemson for the last 13 years.

Maybe the ACC can get an actual decent coach in there and not just a “well, I think Tony likes him” coach in there. Newsflash, folks: Tony likes everyone!


What about the recent ACC hires inspires any confidence that a better coach would be hired?


It’s not the ACC hires, it’s the SEC hires and the fact that I assume that’s more or less the mindset of their admin. (At least, I hope – the ACC needs one of those ''well, I don’t approve of those several awful things he did, but the guy can recruit and coach" coaches). This is a joke. Maybe. Maybe it’s not a joke. I don’t know.


Also, a serious point – I basically think Brownell is below a replacement level Clemson coach. And even if he’s the replacement level coach? Meh, he’s had 13 years.


If the conference as a whole is serious about upgrading the level of play it is not a joke.

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one extra day rest, not “a few”, so let’s just win the title and hang ANOTHER banner


I did not realize he’s been there for 13 years… That totally flips my opinion on if Clemson should keep him or not.

It’s time to move on. That said I wouldn’t expect Clemson to be the school that breaks the mold for the ACC and hire a big name/splash coach.


it’s about 370 million now! too young to remember 1:1, but first time I went it was $1 = 3.5 pesos and a slice of pizza at Ugi’s was like 2.5 pesos