Another Poor Performance in a Loss to USC

What are the takeaways from the second loss of this season?

I would love to have takeaways and thoughtful analysis but we’re at the point where there’s not much to say until Thompson is gone


Shot under 29% from the field. 15 TOs. 0-7 in the final five minutes of the game. No one cracked double digits scoring. Just ugly all around. Again.

  1. Returning players have not developed. In fact, it seems that the ones I’ve seen regressed since last short season.
  2. Players with multiple TOs and fundamental defensive mistakes are not held accountable, receive generous playing time, but are a huge liability.
  3. Line ups that seem to work, Coach T distracts with placing the unproductive starting line up back in. (Today the bench out scored the starters by double digits, yet Coach T keeps pushing her unproductive favorites.
  4. No offensive sets available to make every player a three point shooting threat.
  5. Defense is simply awful.
  6. I haven’t seen full court press yet… any ideas why?
  7. Overall, it appears that Coach T is trying to get fired. Her sideline demeanor speaks for itself. She is simply not coaching at all. Any other coach (including HS and AAU coaches) would jump out of the 5-inch heavy boots watching their players not boxing out the way her team does.

Yeah, the writing has been on the wall for like two years now. It’s just a matter of when it’s financially responsible to let her go. Hopefully after the end of this season.

There seem to be almost zero pluses to her tenure. Players aren’t developing, players don’t seem happy and we’ve had a ton of transfers, and the product isn’t even entertainingly bad (eg some run and gun) - it’s just sad bad. Almost literally any hire will be an improvement.

Also, side note, Rhode Island is 3-0, albeit against some bad teams. And I didn’t realize we play Rhode Island in JPJ this season. That could be an interesting match up for multiple reasons.


Yeah hire Tammi and cut our losses with Tina. I sorta understand the hire but enough is enough.


Two players, who were released from the team before the season started, are supposedly heading to Texas Southern, coached by Cynthia Cooper. Very interesting.

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