Anyone else billed again after cancelling FloSports?

I signed up a day or two before the Towson game, cancelled 12/18, charge posted 12/24, almost a week after cancelling. Anyone else? From BBB, this does not seem to be uncommon, but anyone else here have this happen?

Of course there is no phone number to call, but I did eventually find this: Customer Community , supposed to hear back within 24 hrs from them. Hopefully they will refund before I need to dispute it with my bank.

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never figured out how to cancel

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Faking your own death is probably the best approach at this point


:joy: :joy:

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I get a new card every few years to cancel weird subscriptions that I don’t understand how to cancel.


That may actually be the best idea ive heard all day


If anyone knows how I would like to cancel Flo, Classmates, ESPN app, and the Athletic until
further notice. Will send all my credentials please DM a brother in need of help!


I think if you paid full price for just the one month ($29.99), you could cancel immediately. But if you paid the lesser amount, it was per month for the full year. Not sure which subscription you signed up for but I haven’t gotten billed more than that one ridiculously high amount. Could that be the case?

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Good thought, but no I signed up for the one month for $29.99 plan.

Oh wow, I feel like a total dumbass :man_facepalming: I logged in just to see if I could and I see the account is still active.

I followed the same procedure I did back on 12/18 and… Flosports is sheisty - after cancellation it brings you to a promo page, which is why I thought I was done. At the bottom of that promo is small red print that says ‘No thanks, I’d like to proceed with cancelling my subscription.’ That needs to be clicked and then there are a couple other small steps to finalize it after that.

My old/bad eyes must have missed that the first time :roll_eyes:. I should be all cancelled out now tho, they certainly make it a bit tricky IMO.

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Dfresh, I can’t speak to the others but given my recent experience with Flo, can probably help you there a bit. Mine’s gonna look a little different since I actually cancelled correctly this time, but:

  • Login, go to upper right, click the person icon, and select account.

  • On the left side, click Subscription

  • mine now says cancelled, but yours will say active here. Click Manage on the right

  • From there on the next page, next to status, you should have the option to cancel. Just be sure to follow all the steps like I did not do the first time, including looking for the small red print on the promo page that pops up (that I mentioned in the post above.)


awesome. really appreciate this

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Great News. I am out until our next game on Flo!


@DFresh11, Did you cancel the Athletic yet? .

Nossir. Should I not?

I was going to say I canceled mine several months ago. I cant remember for sure but I think you need to do something similar to what you were told about Flo Sports. I went to my account and I remember there being a place to cancel my subscription. I can barely turn a radio on so good luck