At this point...would the Pels trade Zion for Lebron?

This is a lot of hype…

Welll deserved!

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Too many years in between them. I don’t think they would make that trade and neither would I if I were lucky enough to own an NBA team.

So would you trade anyone for Zion straight up? Curry, KD, Westbrook?


WOW. Great question. I just went back and looked at the last several drafts. I don’t think I would.

Maybe the only possibility would be Zion for Morant and a couple of future first rounders.

Straight up no. Much as I hate Duke, Zion seems like a good person. Good teammate. FREAKISH athlete. As of right now, with nothing but potential to go on, I would keep him. You?

It’s crazy to think…but I would trade him for Lebron straight up…might regret it, but Lebron is proven. U get lebron…u keep AD.

No disrespect to Lebron but that is a definite NO. Lebron is on his last lap and Zion is just getting out of the gates.

But AD is already gone to LA right?

not officially until july

So, they could back out?

I guess that explains all the craziness with the draft. Players putting on hats that aren’t the team they are ending up with. Some strangeness there!

Anybody notice that Zion looked slimmed down in the NBA photo shoot vs. Summer League?