Baseball vs Oklahoma Live Updates

Unfortunately no streaming available for tonight’s game vs Oklahoma, but I figured I’d give live updates here. Of course, there is audio available with play by play from Dave Koehn:


Through three innings, Hoos up 1-0 with a run from Nic Kent who scored in the bottom of the first inning off a Cotier single rbi. Kent opened up with a single and stole second before getting home. Starting pitched McGary with 5 strikeouts through three innings and 48 pitches.

Top of fourth now, McGary hits the lead off man who takes first. Next man up tried to bunt, but popped it up and Catcher Michales reeled it in. 1 out with a man on first

Sixth strikeout from Griff McGary, 2 outs with a man on first

Pop fly to right field, Tappen brings it in and the Hoos will take over

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Rivoli, Gelof, Tappen up

Rivoli strikes out on 3 pitches. Both pitchers with 6 so

Gelof flies out to center right, Tappen up

Tappen singles to left, man on first with 2 outs.

Lebreux at the plate, 0-2 count

Tappen tries to steal on third pitch, catcher Mitchell makes the perfect throw and we’re done with 4 innings. UVA up 1-0 heading into the top of the fifth

McGarry opens up with a 4-0 walk. His third walk so far, including a hbb. Gotta have better control, giving OK too many freebies. Couple arms now working in the dugout.

High pitch from McGarry, man on first gets to second :man_facepalming:t3:.

Bunt down, but man on second gets to third. One out. Danger time

Kyle Whitten in bullpen warming up

McGarry all over the place rn

But gets the control back and gets the strikeout! His seventh!

2 outs, 0-1 count with a man on third

Popped up in foul territory, Gelof makes the play and it’s still 1-0 through 4.5 innings