BB Transfer Prospects

I like to do my own research on prospects i think could help current roster, fit a current need and who may be under the radar (not heavily discussed on this forum)

Below are some names I hope the coaching staff reaches out to after season:

◇Jamison Battle 6’7 225 -Wing (George Mason Transfer) can play inside /outside. Nice overall game.Underrated Athlete. 3 yrs Elibility

◇Paul Newman 6’10 225 -Post (Bucknell Transfer) Defense and Rebounding post player that can be paired with offensive minded forward. 1 yr Elibility

◇Tyson Walker 6’0 165 PG (Northeastern Transfer) Light Quick guard, can create own shot and find others for assit, good 3pt shooter, good ball pressure defense. 2yrs Elibility

◇Greg Parham 6’4 175 Combo Guard ( VMI Transfer) Good Size , Ball Skills, 3pt Shooting, can create on shot. Good Defensive potential. I know he has been mentioned some here but personally hope coaching staff seriously pursue. Really love his game and think he could help nxt years team get to elite level.

I welcome any thoughts or feedback


So I have a question about any transfer or recruited post player. Earlier this season both Sam and Trey were having trouble playing *our post defense until we made some sort of change which allowed the post players to not overcommit/be out of position on defense.

So does that mean going forward that UVA would implement this same style for future post players so that it may not take a redshirt year plus half of a full season in order to be proficient in our defense?

If so this would be a big coup to any players that we get for as little as 1-2 years via transfer etc. Perhaps @brogdonfanpage can provide input?


Good question. My thoughts are while it does take time to become elite in the Packline defense a player can be good to very good in a short time. I think alot had to do with Covid 19 and lack of practice and even private scrimmages with other teams before season starts to scout weakness. There was no “live fire” to measure against. I think this is the new reality for CBB and the coaching staff will adapt their approach somewhat without compromising Packline principles. Otherwise why recruit any transfers if it takes so long to get up to speed in the Packline? It would be a waste of effort and resources. I also defense is a mindset . Some players have that fight/effort in them naturally. While other players take a little more time to develop it. Fortunately we have the best Coach in the college game on the defensive end teaching it to them.


I like Parham, Lundy, and Mitchell so far. Powell would be tops with Mitchell but I’m thinking Powell knows where he’s headed. I hope we take two guards, one could be Keels. I feel we really need one and two if we have a transfer out.

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Yea so the adjustment made was guarding ball screens for Sam. Basically he just isn’t quite quick enough to hedge/blitz them hard and the recover against slips so they started switching 1-4 to make up for it. They’ve gone away from that a bit as he’s grown more comfortable but its always matchup dependent.

Then Trey’s adjustment really just came in guarding on the perimeter. He spent two years at Rice playing a lot of zone and playing as the 4/5 and then came here and was asked to defend high caliber, quick guards on the perimeter at high intensity. Took him a minute to get his wits about him but he’s so damn long and athletic that once he did he’s becoming elite.

Frankly for future transfers its much more dependent on the individual than anything else. Being flexible in ball screen coverages is good to see from the staff tho. In today’s game just one scheme for guarding them is far too simplistic anyway but it does help alleviate some of the stringent rules for players and sorta widens the gates a bit but having more athletically gifted and smart defenders will always win out for TB.


Powell knew from the start where he was going. IMO

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Okay got it. I’m glad that this season has definitely Allowed TB to experimentation and flexibility on the defensive side. Wasn’t there another part of the defense in which whoever was in the post also cheated over to protect the paint while Sam was on the perimeter? Or was that already a part of the defense?

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Oh yea yea sorry I forgot, that’s the MIG. That was another adjustment to alleviate the pressure on bigs recovering after hedging. The backside guy two passes away tagged the big rolling to the hoop. We haven’t seen a ton of that of late but they mix it in depending ont the matchups. It’s as you said, just good to see them experimenting because it’s necessary in today’s game especially against bigs with such differing skill sets


Ok thanks! Bottom line it seems like any future bigs that we pick up in the transfer market, hopefully will be athletic enough that the defensive end will come easier to them.


Has he already committed somewhere?

I mean, I think you’re right that he was Kentucky from the start and has just been trying to make that not look like the case, but I don’t know if you can past-tense it like that yet.


I may be wrong but I would bet on it

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I don’t think you are!