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Some good highlights and discussion points here:


Great feel for the game as a PG


Here’s my pseudo hot-take (although maybe it’s not one - don’t know what others think of this right now): Reece is currently a better defender than Casey.

I know we have been thinking about the trade off of which them starts in terms of offense v. defense, but I actually think Reece is playing better defense as well. I think part of that is that Reece has learned incredibly quickly, and part of that is that Casey’s defense has actually taken a small step back this year. That said, Casey’s offense is improving significantly, so - to be clear - I’m not really worried about him.


Not sure whether Reece is better in stopping dribble penetration because of Casey’s greater size and strength. But Reece definitely knows where to be off ball much better than Casey did his first year.

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I think Reece is as good as any at keeping the ball in front of him one on one.


Good points around and this could lead to a good discussion. Simply put: you need to throw a blanket over a guy who’s really on it (for this we’ll say a guard or wing) who on this team do you take? I’m going Casey.

I’d say Reece is better at guarding his position but Casey is more versatile. Don’t think Reece is gonna guard a legit 6’6+ wing like Casey can.


Depends on what the opponent’s strengths are. Casey for bigger guys that have more power to their game or more iso, Reece or Kihei for guys who are looking to attack off ball screens mostly.

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Not a hot take. Reece is the best guard defender under Tony Bennett other than Brogdon.

Also a Reece, Casey, Trey, McKoy and Shedrick lineup for a 5 minute stretch each half would strike terror in opponents everywhere.

There are many times I’d rather have TW on opposing wings than Casey - simply the 3 inches in height make a big difference in bothering shooters and affecting passing lanes.

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