Best Player not named Ralph

We had the front runner on the podcast.


Can’t wait to listen to this one. I’ve been slacking on my podcast listening lately, but I have a big road trip coming up and I’m planning on “binging” all them.


You snuck Staley in there, she is CLEARLY #2 if you’re not sticking to men only.

Otherwise, it’s Stith.


Stith. Brogs is the only other guy in the conversation.

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Anyone want to discuss Buzz Wilkinson?

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yes please. I have nothing of value to add but have heard he did amazing things on the court in his time. Prolific scorer etc


I wish I had something to add other than he averaged 32+ ppg his fourth year, and was the 30th pick (by the Boston Celtics) in the NBA draft, but never played a game. I suspect that that says more about the earning potential of professional basketball players (vs. pursuing a business career) in those days than his skill. I wish there was footage of him, but he played in the days before C D Chesley.


I’ve heard a lot about him but never seen him play. Where can I find film of him?