Board etiquette etc. thread

I was about to post this in the LJ thread, which would have been pretty hypocritical.

Agree with HGN’s point about off-topic posts in recruiting threads – happens to me a lot where I come to the board, and see a ton of new posts in a thread and then see they’re about something else.

So my suggestion would be for the board regulars to be on point to start a new thread when that’s starting to happen and link to that in the other thread. Anyone else in?

On a related note, what’s with the weird “post deleted” thing that happens when we delete a post? That always tricks me too – would love for posts just to delete without a trace right away.

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One time, I turned a recruiting thread into a discussion of peppa pig for a day or so.

I recognize the issue and suggest that nobody follow my advice.

I also turn into Lenny from Memento on this board sometimes. I only remember one or two posts back, and I usually forget what topic is supposed to be discussed. I usually figure whoever I’m responding to must be on point, but that’s not always a safe assumption.


Kehei is the greatest hoo of all time. @ me


There’s actually never been a Hoo named Kehei

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If you’re scurrd buy a dog. Cause I said @ me

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I was the greatest hoo of all time. Second greatest? Pfft, who cares. The rest of you can fight over that. With that, my weekend is starting. Enjoy it.

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Cant argue with that logic.

Natural grass powns turf.

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So when is LJ committing again?

Nobody else start game threads, until they lose one. I didn’t start it for at VT or vs Duke and you see the results.

Not a board etiquette thing. I’m just a superstitious mfer.


And rightly so!

If I’m not at the game, I have a very specific rules for what parts and which games I’m allowed to watch on TV, and for the games I don’t, when exactly I check the score. I’ve mostly been good about it lately, but I screwed it up during the Duke game and I couldn’t help but watch VT when I wasn’t supposed to. So I apologize for that. I executed it perfectly during the 2019 NCAAs, which should have been hard, but the stress nearly killed me so it was manageable by comparison.