Boston College at UVA 1/28/23 at Noon Eastern ... Thread

Quinten Post for BC has one more year of eligibility left … do we say yes if he wants to come to UVA next year?

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Ha. Hes a snior with 2 MORE years of eligibility remaining per their website. Wild

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Fresh headed to Cville tomorrow afternoon. Anyone around for pre post during game beeras?


Fresh in the ‘ville!


Uh oh! Put the women and children to bed


Does anyone know which regional channel we are on ?

Depends where you are. Here you go:


Thanks …

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I am a Carolina Hurricane fan as well as a UVA fan. So, for me ESPN plus is a.good value.

Ugh totally forgot … will have to stream it here in NC

Anyone ever been towed from Barracks on game day?

Emmett-Ivy garage has been a mess and thinking of switching it up…


Just have coach Grant a whats up Coach walking by him on the corner as Fresh is headed to Bodos. Chose not to tell him to enjoy the beatdown today


Facts, although things were much better for the VT game.

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Watched the condensed versions of their last two games. That dude is on fire right now. Going to have to get him under control.

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Never had it happen between 2016-2020. But can speak for the current era

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Post is playing at a 1st Team all ACC level since he got healthy… shooting splits of
We cannot afford to hedge the screen and roll and leave him open…
Unless the 3rd defender (tagged) meets him on the catch


Is post someone we can stick Dunn on? Bother him with length and athleticism

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I think we have options. Ashton-Langford isn’t the most efficient driver, so maybe we just flat hedge and figure our guards can get under the screen to meet him before he turns the corner. Or you help way off their other perimeter guys because they haven’t shot the 3 well. Double Post anytime they try to post (lol) him.

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This is pretty last minute, but anybody have extra tickets they’re looking to get rid of? I’m happy to pay a little bit, just looking to avoid paying all the StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc fees