Boston College at UVA game thread

Early 6:00 pm start Tuesday, on ACC Network.

BC is 9-11 overall, tied for ninth place in the ACC at 4-6. Their NET ranking is 159.

It’s a pieced together roster under first-year head coach Earl Grant. They’ve struggled as you’d expect. But they’ve looked much better over the last few weeks, knocking off VT and they got a road win at Clemson. Very good defensively the last couple games. They just handled Pitt easily at home, holding them to 35%. And in the game before, UNC won despite shooting 29%.


Makai Ashton-Langford 6’3 Sr PG (13.0 PPG). Their best player. It’s his 2nd year there after transferring from Providence. He’s turned it up lately, coming off a 21 point game vs Pitt.

Jaeden Zackery 6’2 Fr G (9.1 PPG). Their best and really only good 3-point shooter, hitting 47%. He’s an older freshman, did a prep year then a year at JUCO that didn’t count due to covid.

DeMarr Langford 6’5 So. SF (10.5 PPG). Terrific athlete is starting to come into his own, but still rough around the edges skill wise.

TJ Bickerstaff 6’9 Jr PF (8.0 PPG). Bernie’s son transferred in from Drexel. He’s had some big rebounding games, pulled in 17 vs UNC.

James Karnik 6’9 Sr. C (8.0 PPG). Fifth year player started off at Lehigh. His best games have been their best games. Scored 17+ in wins over ND, Clemson, and VT.


Quinten Post 7’0 Jr C (8.9 PPG). Mississippi State transfer has scored in double figures the last three games off the bench.

Brevin Galloway 6’3 Sr G (7.3 PPG) Fifth year player followed Earl Grant from College of Charleston. He was a big scorer there. it hasn’t gone well at BC, shooting 29% on the season.

Gianni Thompson 6’8 Fr F (1.8 PPG) Very talented local recruit played a season high 16 minutes in their last game.


I hate 6pm start times, don’t they know that bed time followed by gym time?

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The big battle will be on the glass when BC is on offense, as that’s their best source of offense (as well as not turning the ball over much). They shoot even less 3s than we do and aren’t good at it; they’re even worse (in terms of national rank) at shooting inside the arc. Post, Karnik, and Bickerstaff all grab offensive rebounds at a good rate, so our bigs will have to work hard.


That was Williams’ UNC strategy. Gasaway wrote a few pieces about it, years ago. Everyone focused on UNCs athleticism and transition-driven offense, but what really made them tick was maximizing their sheer number of effectively used possessions. They did it differently than CTB, and Gasaway put together a metric to track how it worked and how various teams did at it.

What UNC did was maximize their number of shots by consistently having more offensive rebounds than TOs. And Williams made it work pretty well by having teams that were extremely strong at both offensive rebounding AND taking care of the ball. UNC could post elite offensive numbers despite pedestrian shooting percentages because they’d consistently attempt so many more shots than the other team. UVA’s best offensive teams did pretty well at this by never turning the ball over, but we usually didn’t have anywhere near the offensive rebounding UNC had.


I understand the point of the 6:00 pm start, to avoid the 9pm second games. But not a fan. haha

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Only + to a 6:00 start is no delayed coverage for OT games or post game interviews and/or duke talk. (Of course the same thing can be achieved by starting at 7:00)


Demarr Langford was one of my transfer dreams in the offseason for the 2 guard spot. Will be interesting to watch him play today.

Caffaro, you maul the face! You don’t elbow the face. Use your hands!


Face maul? Check.

Good sign?

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Carolina producers!

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The Bull at it again.

Shedrick got the ball an inch from the basket and still put it on the ground. His awareness is alarming

Kody bout to bring the offensive heat!

We may be bad but at least we’re boring


Missed the introductions…who is this announcer annoying me? Childress?


Happy Kody is shooting. Gotta be aggressive


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Down 10-4, six minutes in

200 IQ play getting our scoring drought out of the way early.

Also lol at the commentator “Where does Virginia go to here for offense?”. Kody Stattmann clearly.


Reece with another Beekman. He leads the ACC in Beekmans.