Bracket Challenge: LRA 4 Phony Bennett

Our Bracket is now open on ESPN.

The cost to enter is $10.00
We will have prizes for the winner after Round 1 day 1, Day 2 and also Round 2. Prizes include: Signed piece of the court by Kihei Clark, Photo of Anthony Gill signed, Ty Jerome Signed Card, Jack Salt Signed Card, Pack Line Shorts and Much more. Details to come later tonight.

100% of proceeds will go to Phony B to whatever he needs. He didn’t ask for this, but we all want to do something for Phony. If he wants to donate it or save it for himself or family…we’re all for it.

Password is: 2019

Paypal merch@lockerroomaccess, please add your bracket name to enter.
Venmo: @LRA-inc,note your bracket name to enter.


Join this pool, cowards!


Just joined the bracket


Can we enter multiple times for multiple $10 contributions?

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You can. Just make a note in the payment for which brackets to include…

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Made the payment, but can’t figure out how to add an additional bracket. LRA group page says max of 2 entries per user, but I don’t see a way to add a second.

I’m in!

I’m in! Go Hoos!!

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In baby! Was contemplating making this my UVA-to-the-Final-Four bracket, but decided to stick with reality.

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back to defend the crown

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Just donated the $10 lol. Swore off brackets after in 2018 I made 4 brackets and all of them did worse than my sister’s who never watched college basketball. Attended only one UVA game during her 4 years and doesn’t even remember the game because she spent most of the game “talking with friends and whatnot”…

But will never hesitate to help out @PhonyBennett The man has become synonymous with my UVA fandom; one of the first social media accounts I started tracking for UVA basketball. Helped makes it bearable during the tough times.


Nothing like a last-minute entry–I’m in. Thanks for setting this up for Phony. Looking forward to seeing how terrible my picks are compared to everyone else.

Go Hoos!


Day 1 winners…dm ur adddress

what happened to day 2 and round 2 winners?

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Hoos lost so all was meaningless

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Ha certainly seems that way

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Dm me ur address day 2 winners and round 2

I just pinged twitter and facebook.

SeanP10 is the overall winner . please dm me ur address!