Brogdon / Pacers

Pacers are playing the Kings right now on NBA TV. It’s the first NBA game ever played in India, thanks to Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé who is from Bombay. What a proud moment for him. He is a great owner and I’m happy that Kyle Guy is in that organization.

Brogdon just does the little things right. He is showing why he got such a large contract this offseason and looks like he is going to have a huge role/impact on this team. Announcers are showing high praise as well with multiple uva shoutouts.

The pacers were down 22+ and Brogdon has helped them climb back to within 1.

He is 4-9 with 12 points, 8 assists, and 4 rebounds.

It’s going to be really fun watching Brogdon have such a crucial role this year on the Pacers.


Kyle is with the Kings. You can catch glimpses of him on the sidelines.

A second game between these two teams is scheduled for tomorrow.


Hopefully he will see some time in the next one. I feel like they played the game today like a regular season game.


So much fun to get a small taste of the coming season. Loved getting to see Brogdon and Guy.
Now turning to watch a couple of the last few games featuring the boys of summer.


I’ve started to care more about the NBA than the NFL.


Great to hear!

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