Bryson Spell

Read over on the UNC board that we have reached out and recruiting him, no offer.

@HoozGotNext Have you heard anything?


I was just messaging HGN about this LOL. His family reached out to UNC about being a preferred walk-on.

I know he’s one of the recruits Tony actually got to see in person this year when his son was attending those virginia basketball series camps. Good shooter but not a plus athlete. From same HS as Devon Hall (there’s a clip somewhere of them working out together with Devon’s dad or something). Not sure what position he would play for us and would get in the way of Isaac Traudt who Tony really wants.

But I can definitely see this kid developing into a player in 4 years where we are like “Damn wish we recruited that kid”. The potential is there but he doesn’t help us next year and would take a spot from the 2022 class. He is definitely better than preferred walk on from a talent perspective but I can see how he would pursue such to earn a spot down the line at a big time program.

You get yourself into roster management issues when 13 guys expect to play.

He’s 6’9, in-state, and good enough to get interest from decent schools. We’ve got open spots…I’m ok using one here if he’s ok taking a couple of years to work into the rotation, and possibly playing 3rd or 4th year.


Does he have a scholie from cinci or pwo?

Schollie but they fired their coach.

Kinda odd that they’re begging for a walk on spot when he was legit offers

I think he wants to prove that he is a high major player and earn his spot since a school like UNC would be hesitant to offer him

That being said UNC does have schollie openings. I would think they have to offer him. Would be super awkward to sit on a schollie while he’s on the team. Would also be super awkward to give him a schollie one year and then pull it the next.

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He could play at a mid-major for a year and transfer if he performs well. Don’t know why you’d pay for a year of school and pretty much not play at UNC.

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Idk. To be honest if Cincinnati makes a good hire I would just stick it out there but thats me. Maybe one values developing in the program. Idk

Watched him play many times, there’s a reason Tony hasn’t offered him. Fades into the background a lot and is not what Tu would call a “dog”. Gets pushed around a lot by guys smaller than him and especially other big men. But hey I went to his rival HS so don’t take my word for it lol.


Great pickup for Ritchie McKay


Nice. Did UNC ever offer? Apparently the folks on the IC board really wanted him