Buzzer Beaters

After going from elation to crushing despair in the last second of yesterdays game I saw the look on our crowd and remembered how I enjoyed that look on Duke’s crowd just a few weeks ago. I also thought we had been on the positive side more often than the negative one in recent years so I looked back to the last 5 or 6 years to identify buzzer shots or ones in the last few seconds and we were on a roll until yesterday. We lost 3 of them (FSU, Vill & VT) during the 16-17 season and I didn’t see one since then. We had Hunters big 3 against Lou the next year and even though they only sort of fit the category (Diakite’s shot and Kyle’s FT’s) the Championship year. We had 3’s from Tomas against UNC and Kihei vs VT in 19-20 and of course the game winners against Pitt and Duke this year. We had a pretty good streak going. I also saw games where a great defense play like the combined block by Diakite and Huff that beat Duke a few years back. I don’t know if anyone would like to talk about their favorite or least favorite game ending plays of the past. Board seems kind of negative the last 24 hours so I thought I would throw something out there until we hear from London Johnson.


Can’t leave out Cuse in the ACCT.


I think percentage wise… we are much further on the winning side of the game winning desperation shot, so despite the shock of the shot, mad props to FSU… as we’ve been spoiled by all ours over the last few years.


For the older folks that throw yesterday reminded me of my Orlando Woolridge’s miracle in rosemont I think in 1980

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I’m still salty about that game. 22-0 gone just like that.

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