BVP is an old wise man thread

In the 2021 Ohio game…
UVA was up 40-39 with 8 min left and then BVP goes nuts for just 4 minutes.
He scored 10 points in 4 minutes and Ohio was up 49-42 and had assumed control of the game.
In the 2022-23 Michigan game…
Michigan was up 58-54 with 9:10 left and then BVP goes nuts for just 4 minutes.
He scored 9 points in 4 minutes and UVA was up 65-60 and had assumed control of the game.



Dude is not afraid of the moment.


We could have really really used BVP the last three years. 6’8" guys who are tough as nails, can pass the ball, know the game, and have some shooting touch should always have a spot on our roster. Don’t care if they’re not heralded recruits or lack some athleticism.

These guys fill mid major rosters all over the country. There’s no reason that we couldn’t identify and recruit a guy with BVP’s profile once every 3 or 4 years.


If as projected we lose 5 players before next year then now seems like a good time for it.


Watched the game with a michigan grad. He said BVP looks unguardable and was gushing about his passing.

Funny enough he also said it looked like Caffaro couldn’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Had to laugh because If last night was your only time seeing FC you’d think he was the worst big in the country


Totally true about Papi. I still think someone needs to have an intervention with Tony about non-US recruits. It’s just not something he’s good at.

Ok this should be a thread about BVP, so back to him. He really was a huge catalyst last night when we needed it. Score was tied 58-58, and this was happened after a Shedrick steal and TV timeout:

Ben layup - up 2
UM free throws - tied
Ben jumper - up 2
UM miss / Clark turnover / UM miss
Ben 3 pointer - up 5

It was like he decided - “yep, now its BVP time” at a critical juncture.

UM did retake the lead – and it was Jayden who shot the winner. But we needed BVP’s 7 point explosion to get us to that point.


My favorite thing about BVP is how quickly he makes decisions. If he gets the ball and he’s not in an advantageous position, he immediately makes the pass and keeps the offense flowing quickly. Too often players hold the ball for a second or two too long and things bog down. But he keeps thing cycling.

Also, when he’s in a mismatch, he looks to exploit it immediately. Smaller dude on him - he’ll take him to the paint and shoot over him or watch for the quick interior pass when help comes. Bigger slow dude on him, he’ll give him the shot fake and drive hard around him to the basket. Understanding the mismatch you’ve got and quickly knowing what to do with it is great.


Never dreamed that he would be this good a fit. The versatility he brings reminds me of Deandre in 2018. Completely different skillset but our opponents do not have an answer for when he comes off the bench and how he compliments any 4 of our starters on the court.
He’s 1000% going to spend 25 min at the free throw line picking apart the cuse zone….lol. He might have 20 and 10 (assists) that game.


Is that the World Cup away jersey?

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Jeff White’s story on the UVA athletics website said he was wearing Pulisic’s jersey all day.


With the mustache, I have to keep reminding myself that BVP, while old for a college student, is still only like 24 or whatever. Between the mustache and the headband my subconscious always tries to tell me that he’s like 37.


Dude is probably living the dream. He’s already got two graduate degrees and I saw that he’s just taking some courses at UVa that interest him. Doing that and playing for a top 5 team….


Don’t you have to be progressing towards a degree?

It’s a good question. My best guess is he’s enrolled in a masters or doctoral program with no real intention of earning that degree because he wouldn’t be able to finish in time. It’s not a problem because he already has 2-3 degrees. That would free him up to take mostly electives and use up all of his audit class allowance at once.

Probably the grad equivalent of what Keels did at Duke.


I think he does stay, and next year he leads HooCrew, drives a bus, works at the Corner parking lot, spins classical music on TJU, forms a critical darling indie band, dominates the intramural scene, etc.

And if they tore down the Corner parking lot, please nobody tell me.


He’s just auditing classes

TB to staff when BVP entered the portal

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That’s why he likes those first year girls. He keeps getting older, and they stay the same age.

Alright alright alright.


That is a good comparison to BVP being as impactful as Dre-Day in 2018. Let’s win the ACC by 4-5 games *again this season…but also do well in the tourney.