Catching up with #1 Lax Recruit + UVA first year Connor Shellenberger

Connor has a pretty fascinating story. Originally a Johns Hopkins commit, he’s a Charlottesville native who grew up going to UVA lacrosse games.

This is the first feature I’ve written, would love any feedback (positive and negative!) you have. Have a couple more pieces like this in the works, next one should be about Payton Cormier, another lax guy. Trying to provide some coverage of the spring sports, despite the cancellations.


Nice summary of the trajectory of Shellenberger’s career. I learned a lot about a player who could well be the face of UVa lacrosse in 2-3 years. It turned out to be very wise to redshirt (even though he wouldn’t have lost a year of eligibility anyway) as it allowed him to gain more experience at midfield during practiice in case he doesn’t fill Kraus’ position in the attack.


That was a great piece. Incredibly well written, told a great story, and I learned a lot. This was a great story for many reasons. I heard back when it happened that UVA was so good that the best recruit in the nation had to redshirt, but that is all I knew. This provided so much context, and I thank you for that. I was really excited to get into spring sports this year, and learn/know about them as much as I do basketball. I’ve never been much of a lax guy, but I want to get into it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t able to happen this year, but that was pretty great too. Once again, great job