Caught up with Daily Progress writer Bennett Conlin


Young GOAT

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I wish I could finish this one… but the high squealed buzz that occurs when Bennett is talking made it impossible to listen after a few minutes.

Yes, for some headphones…it does that. Not sure what causes it. It does get better about 6 minutes in…may be try fast forwarding @jazznutUVA


I’ll try and fast forward. Thanks. I was on a run and it was messing up my cadence. LOL!

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He is great on Twitter. Very smart and funny as well. One of my favorites

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I really appreciated the question of how we can support him and the Daily Progress during the pandemic and one of his answers was to ask people to send in story ideas because he genuinely wants to know what people are interested in reading about and want him to write about!

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Finally got a chance to listen to this. Very interesting listen. This guy is so young, and yet he has so many cool stories and opinions. He is a great writer, and he seems to be a great podcaster. One of the things that really intrigued me was your 2K tournament and your teasing your new live event. I loved the one back in September, and I would imagine the next one would be even better. Overall, a really good listen with a very interesting man


Thanks everyone. We are still so new at this, so we appreciate you guys coming on the journey with us. we’re getting better…still a long way to go, but better. That buzzing sound was annoying…we’ll catch it next time