CavMan the 10th Most Offensive Mascot?

Survey conducted by Quality Logo Products. Not sure how we got 10th most offensive, but #1 was Osceola (FSU), #2 Aztec Warrior (SDSU), #3 Vili the Warrior (Hawaii), #4 Leprechaun (ND), #5 Pistol Pete (Ok. St.), #6 Mountaineer (WVU), #7 Hey Reb (UNLV), #8 Sparky the Sun Devil (ASU), #9 Pistol Pete (New Mex. St).

Somehow, the Duke Blue Devil made #10 of the “sexiest” mascots (although I confess that compared to the sexiness of most of the Duke student body, the mascot fares well in comparison).

Animal representations seem to do well in the survey as a general rule.


Cavaliers everywhere outraged

Wonder what this survey would have looked like before people realized that Cav Man looks a little too close to Luke Maye.


I guess a bunch of Roundheads took that survey.


While I’ve never been a big fan of Cav Man, he is a decided improvement upon the “Hoo”. (At least I think that was the name of that short-lived abomination of the 90s.)

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