Cavs vs Christians (Hoos watching?)

Anybody interested?

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Is it actually on tv?

It’s on MASN a possibly local network.

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ESPN 3 also

Oh MASN i forgot abour you…

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I don’t get that one. Go figure . .

Anybody have a stream? YouTube TV in VA so no MASN and blacked out on ESPN app. Thanks in advance

On the espn app and website if you have provider. But prolly blacked out in VA

The Christians are kickn’our butts so far.

I dont wanna watch it on my esp app on my phonw and my tv doesn’t get the ap. Looks lime i may be out of luck


Snowden and Grant both already hurt. Grant walked off, Snowden not putting any weight on right leg.

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Been working so far. Hoping it continues. lol

I think everyone has the game now

In Charlottesville moving our fourth year home for the balance of the semester. Got it on the radio.


Snowden injury looked ugly on the replay. Looks like ankle, got twisted severely under weight of another guy


Ugh none of this sounds good and im stuck watching on my pjone? I hate all this


It was really ugly. Fingers crossed it’s just a stinger but . . .

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We always seem to have slow start.

Sadly you’re right

Jackson rolled up on Charles’s leg. Not sure what Jackson was doing. Looked like he was out of the play.

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