Changing Profile to Dark Mode

On Desktop/Laptop:

Navigate to main LRA forums page and look at upper right… once changed to dark mode, continue down to view the VIP News Thread…


On Mobile Device:

  1. Click on your icon at the top right…

  2. This overlay will show up… click on the little man button all the way at the lower right…

  3. Your stats will appear… on the top ribbon, click on the gears icon…

  4. This screen will show up and you will need to slide the ribbon below the gears icon to the left until you see “Interface” with a monitor icon next to it…

  5. Here is where you can change the mode from Light mode to Dark mode…


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Fantastic. While this feature is well hidden on mobile devices, your instructions are clear an succinct. Thanks!

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I like this, but now I’ll have to find another white background app to light my way across the dark bedroom, coming in late after my wife’s asleep without waking her up with the flashlight app. LRA was very useful in this way.


Wow, this is so true.

Thank you!!!
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Dark mode is now me over the Kon-Duke news.

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