Coach salaries in the ACC

Interesting… didn’t realize Bronco was this far up on the list. VaHoos just published the ACC coaches ranked

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didn’t realize that either…it’s a tough job. he earned it!

It’s funny I saw a similar list either right before the season and I was shaking my head because at the time Dino and Cutcliffe felt like much better bargains, and I was happy we didn’t drop the $4mil that VT owed Fuentes.

At the end of the season, the 3.7 feels about right for Bronco and he deserves it. The sneaky one may be the $3mil for Geof Collins. Down here in Atl he has created a significant buzz around GT and maybe I’m drinking the Kool-aide but I feel like he may be onto something something down the road.

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Very interesting

Kind of surprising considering the bad rap UVA has got for not spending much on football .Which is changing bigtime

Coaches salaries are the least of if, if they’re successful. Coronavirus is going to separate the top teams further. ADs will have to make cost reductions. Power teams have already made the investment.

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Good point. How big do you think COVID might impact this? Before this crisis, construction was going great all over grounds. I wonder how this pandemic might impact that

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I’d need $200k from Mark Emmerit to explain in full. It’s really hard math. I agree with him that there shouldn’t be college sports unless students are back in school. But it’s passing up a lot of money. The demand to watch sports on TV is going to be way higher than going to an game for a while, as has been the trend for the last ten years.

Crowdless sporting events are not as engaging. We will see this starting with baseball. It might be tolerable with baseball until the playoffs. I’d invest in an app that legitimately piped in crowd noise. That said I’ve watched plenty of lacrosse, baseball, and soccer games that were incredible to watch and relatively quiet. There just wasn’t as much money and exposure involved.