Coach salaries in the ACC

Interesting… didn’t realize Bronco was this far up on the list. VaHoos just published the ACC coaches ranked

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didn’t realize that either…it’s a tough job. he earned it!

It’s funny I saw a similar list either right before the season and I was shaking my head because at the time Dino and Cutcliffe felt like much better bargains, and I was happy we didn’t drop the $4mil that VT owed Fuentes.

At the end of the season, the 3.7 feels about right for Bronco and he deserves it. The sneaky one may be the $3mil for Geof Collins. Down here in Atl he has created a significant buzz around GT and maybe I’m drinking the Kool-aide but I feel like he may be onto something something down the road.

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Very interesting

Kind of surprising considering the bad rap UVA has got for not spending much on football .Which is changing bigtime