Coppin Sate at Virginia game thread

7pm scheduled start. TV options below or the list is linked here

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We almost hung 100 the last time we played Coppin State

Irrational Igor hype train is on red alert for this game. Hope he gets 10 minutes and hits his first shot. Cause once he hits one, he’s never missing again.


I just want to score more than 60.


I’m calling 10 points for Carson tonight


What the hell is the Bally Sports network? I think that was a health club when I was a kid.


70 is my bottom line number for tonight.


Here’s all you ever wanted to know courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Bally Sports Regional Networks [1] are a group of regional sports networks in the United States owned by Diamond Sports Group, a joint-venture company of the Sinclair Broadcast Group and Entertainment Studios. The group is branded after casino operator Bally’s Corporation, which purchased its naming rights. Launched on March 31, 2021, the networks carry regional broadcasts of sporting events from various professional, collegiate and high school sports teams. Through 19 owned-and-operated networks and several other affiliates, Bally Sports programming is available to all or part of at least 45 states, with the only notable lack of coverage existing in the Philadelphia media market, Northern California, and most of New England.

The networks were formerly known as Fox Sports Networks and operated by News Corporation for most of their existence. They were acquired by Diamond Sports from The Walt Disney Company in 2019, as Disney was required to divest them by the U.S. Department of Justice as a condition of their own acquisition of 21st Century Fox.


Watching this clemson and St Bonnie’s game: even though it’s low scoring its still incredible seeing teams put out 5 players who can hit the three and then we run a lineup with only one real 3pt shooter and a streaky one. Hurts me spiritually.


Yes I have YES!

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Just want to see improvement on the fundamentals tonight. Have to get dribbling and passing down pat before worrying about lineups or which offense we should run. Let’s find 5-6 guys who can dribble, pass, and receive passes then build from there.


10:30pm! I’ll be asleep by halftime

In an effort to help our cause, I just put some $ on Coppin State, which is getting 24 1/2 points – that should well guarantee that we win by 25+ !!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


YES TV can be found here …

Rewatching these quick highlights this team does not have much. Not much shooting, not much size, not much athleticism, no one who can create their own shot. Unless Taine gets comfortable playing as a guard or Igor makes the adjustment after missing summer workouts, there really isn’t a factor to emerge to raise our ceiling.

Yeah we will gel and play better as the season goes on and probably still do fairly well in acc play because of how bad the ACC is, but next year even with our 2022s we need another transfer addition.

If you download the ‘web video caster’ from the Roku apps and also download the app to your smartphone from the playstore you can cast USTVGO to your tv and use your phone as a remote. Wi fi must be turned on.

Great news- the band is back in JPJ. Had recorded music previously.

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Anyone streaming the game. I don’t have nono of those channels but Yes and it’s not showing the game until 10:30

ACCXN and ESPN app…

No idea but Coppin State is bad. No takeaway from this game but hopefully morale and confidence boost.