Cory-Gate Fun

This might be a bit late but as you said it ended up that the ball *did hit the players knee. So, the call was correct in the first place but then was influenced by an outsider who was wrong. And now Cory put himself in a tough spot. If the refs overturned it on their own *they would have taken the blame but now the potential to open up pandoras box exists:


Without seeing the “Flashback: Jason Williford,” “Flashback: Yuri Barnes,” “Flashback: Bryant Stith,” etc, I would think it is safe to assume they are all narrated by Cory Alexander.

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HAHAHAHA I just got to the story JWilly told last night about what TB said in the huddle during the review (28:30 or so in the podcast).


Cory is the reason God invented the “Mute” button (don’t forget to turn off the closed captions, too).

UVa should make it plain to the ACC and ESPN that there will be no ESPN interviews of Tony for the remainder of the season whenever Cory is in the building.


We’re not done with the Cory jokes yet:


On the positive side, the ACC could assign Cory to calling football games and save money by doing away with the conference’s replay review operation.

I actually think he is waaaay better suited to do football… so much more time between plays to gab… he misses so much of the action in basketball games …. Or they have him as a closer in blowouts… just have him in the studio and bring him in as the 2nd analyst at the 10 minute mark of 2nd halves of any game that’s a 20 points or more spread. He’s the story teller the rest of a boring game.
I think I’ve discovered his calling.