Cory-Gate Fun

I see he’s been busy googling quotes the last few days.


“The righteous man shall maketh the bad take, proclaim it loudly, and then when confronted with the wrongness of the take, double down on the take, and cite the take as evidence of one’s righteousness.”

  • Me, and also apparently Cory.

Jiminy Christmas, not but 5 minutes before I read this, I was really hoping we could just move on and forget the silliness. Nope…


“When a man findeth himself in a hole, he should seekerh a shovel and continue digging”

  • Also Cory Alexander

I hope for Tony’s sake we don’t get any “Do your job” chants tomorrow night.


I don’t know how Cory could have conclusively said the refs didn’t get the call right. I haven’t seen footage yet that shows who the ball hit off of definitively. Imo, it glanced off the Florida player’s leg but can’t say that confidently, and I’m not sure how Cory could say it didn’t.



“Often wrong, but never in doubt.”


Oh the ‘do your job’ chants are sure to come tonight. Hoo nation will still love Corey. But a little reckoning will surely be in order. Then we will make up and move on.


The article just makes it worse in my view.

Cory doesn’t get it. It’s not that the UVA fan base expects him to be partial. We expect him to not play referee but his ego makes him the courageous and righteous victim.

Reminds me of so many of today’s politicians who are wrong and do the wrong thing then act like they’re the victim when people try to hold them accountable and it strikes a very raw nerve with me.


What an egomaniac. The clown won’t let it go.

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He just accused Hoo fans of having no honor while claiming the honor for himself…. Pretty bad.
The fact that he doesn’t understand that he got the play wrong is sad.
And then to say we wanted him to cheat for UVA is very sad.
Referees are trained to do a job. I don’t go to my barber to get a root canal. I’m sure most of us don’t ask an expert plumber to teach us piano.
A lot of people these days think that if they are experts in something it makes them smarter than everyone in everything.


Quite frankly I also expect the one time this has ever happened to not be against his alma mater


Said I’d made my last comment on Cory-gate, but THIS. I wouldn’t have had a problem with what Cory did if there was clear/obvious proof, but even after watching the replay multiple times from multiple angles, it was still a 50/50 call. A call that already been upheld without his “help”.


The call could have gone either way, I didn’t see anything conclusive which would be justification for reversing it, one way or the other. That said, Alexander’s schtick is getting a bit old. And, I’m class of '73; I know “old”!


On the flipside, a lot of people in tight knit online groups think they are experts because they did internet research. I’m talking, of course, about QAnon. Not LRA. Never LRA.


Honestly, my beef isn’t whether he had the call right or wrong. To me that part is irrelevant. My beef is that he interfered in a game. Doesn’t matter whether he was right, doesn’t matter whether it helped or hurt UVA. Announcers need to stay in their lanes. If the refs get it wrong, that’s their job.


I’m sorry to Cory’s friends on here, but this tweet really rubs me the wrong way. I was ready to forget it and move on, but now I’m ready to just move on permanently from Cory Alexander. Whatever happened that night, fine, it happened, it was a weird sequence of events, whatever. But to now come out here and deliver this self-righteous quote-laden BS where he spins this whole thing as a way to burnish his reputation as a man of True Integrity (while painting UVA fans as beneath him)… where’s the vomit emoji.

Especially given that, now that I’ve seen the appropriate replay and know what I’m looking for… the ball really did go off the Florida player’s left knee. Has no one shown Cory this?


Tired of talking about Cory (plus Cory will do that enough tonight). Want to talk about Hubie Brown and Dr Jack. Legends. Absolute hoops legends.

If they had wanted to (or still want to, in Hubie’s case), they could spend the full game regaling us with stories about themselves. But (and correct me if I’m wrong here - I’m always wrong!) they almost always just used that experience and wisodm to call the game in front of them and make it easier to understand.

You gotta be yourself. But you also gotta be able to step outside yourself, too.


I believe that that might be situational. If Alexander volunteered his opinion that they got the call wrong, then that is inappropriate. If they came to the desk and asked if the broadcast team had a better view, and asked to see it, then that is a different matter. I have no idea what the rules are in this regard, but if it is permitted, then the only thing about which we should complain is Alexander’s ongoing monologue describing his role in the process.

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Now someone just needs to do a Bill Simmons impression of Hubie discussing the Cory controversy to bring this full circle, :joy:.

“When you talk about Cory…”

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