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@HoozGotNext I know there was a thread for 2021 recruiting but I can’t find so please excuse creating a new thread. I saw a crystal ball prediction go up for a certain 2021 priority guard target yesterday, do you know if there was a specific reason for this prediction or just one of the guys making some random predictions?

@JBHoo Check out “State of the Trail” thread which is the new 2021 recruiting thread. We are eagerly awaiting an answer to that same question. Also if you scroll to the beginning @HoozGotNext has updated the status on our top recruiting targets and interest. Also a few days ago he posted in that thread an update that he plans to repeat weekly when there is enough new action.


Guys, HNG posted on twitter last night that he knew of nothing imminent with Keels. It’s certainly a good sign, but probably a long way to go. This particular prognosticator has a history of making picks way out and has a 70% hit rate.

If you are watching 247 Crystal Balls id keep an eye out for national guys Jerry Meyer, Evan Daniels and Brian Snow. Jamie Oakes runs the 247 UVa site as well.


Thanks for the update. Im guessing nobody in our circle knows who Dain Ervin of BIRepots is and if he is just making an educated guess or knows something more? I did see that he has a 70% hit rate which a was last pace of the 9 crystal ball prognosticators. But he should be last because he is the most daring of the 9 to make predictions earliest on average. He must be someone who is more knowledgeable in the field than a regular Joe like myself. So just seems like he could of picked up on some information that might not be public yet…
I did see that last year that Dain Ervin predicted JAR would end up at Michigan. Really glad he was wrong then, and hoping he is right now.
Last point I noticed on Dain Ervin. Its still early on class 2021 recruits, but so far he is 1 for 1. In the fall he predicted AJ Griffin to Duke, and two weeks later Griffin committed.

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Check out “State of the Trail” thread. HGN just left a detailed update!

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Mich was leading for JAR before the coaching change. When he made the choice it was probably a sound one.


Ah ok! Thanks for that extra little piece of information. Its sounding like Dain Ervin is a legitimate source at making predictions.