Decisions Coming Soon from Transfer Recruits (Blog)


So they would take both Franklin and Fleming?

Well take is really the wrong way to put it. Yeah sure they’d take them. But it’s very unlikely that they would get them both.


Would State getting Gardner make it harder for them to fit Fleming in?

No. NC State is getting a guard. If Gardner comes one of their young bigs will leave.

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Would really love to get both Franklin and Fleming!


Xavier Johnson official to IU


This is good, yes? Less fcked now?


I’m on Franklin watch until told otherwise


Rumors that Keion Brooks from Kentucky might be transferring to Indiana. Not related to Armaan I dont think. TJD and Brooks also very close and very strong smoke. Again why do I know this.


Have a hard time believing that Armaan is going to leave given that all his boys are meeting up in Indiana.

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I think Indiana is expecting him gone but trying to work that slight crack left open for hope.

Roster has to be full of guards. I believe Al Durham graduates but all others are back. Johnson is the second guard transfer.

Phinesse, Lander, Xavier, Parker, Jerome, Geronimo and probably one or two others.

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IU mod on Franklin. Taking the weekend would not be good for us if we need to push on Fleming. I assume CTB given him a timeline

Xavier Johnson is a 1-2. Armaan Franklin is a 2-3. I think they could play together very easily, and actually would fit together very well. I don’t think Armaan was unaware Johnson was likely to pick IU. I get the very strong vibe this is not new information to him. Right now, I think he likely takes to the start of the weekend or possibly even the weekend.

Would that actually be good though?

That would mean we’d have Kihei, Beekman, Franklin, Fleming, McCorkle and Taine. No way all 6 of those guys are gonna be in the rotation. I’d rather get Franklin to replace Casey and then ride with the guys we already have.

I think 5 guards can get PT this year considering the amount of minutes and production we lost.

He said the same thing about Kaufman when IU fans pushed him. So that means Franklin is headed to Purdue.


I’m assuming we would go with a three guard offense. I think that’s where we’re trending. Kihei, Murray, and Mccorckle would share minutes. No guarantee that Murray or McCorckle are ready for significant minutes.


Beek, Fleming, Franklin, Gardner, and Shedrick sounds like another ACC Title to me.