Dirk Katstra joins us on the podcast. 3 generations of hoos

He bleeds orange and blue… Can u imagine, being a son of a player, a bball alum, father of player, and director of the athletics fund watching the championship…listen below


Some of us here have asked questions about Virginia sports overall and what the plans are for the future etc. With the pandemic those plans have been forced to focus on what is for the NOW and Dirk does an unbelievable job, candidly, answering a lot of that for fellow Hoos.



Enjoyed that one hearing more about the nuts and bolts of the UVa athletics operations.


This was a great lesson. I would say it was more informative than podcasts in the past, but it wasn’t. It was just a different kind of information. He gave us some insight on Austin which was cool, too. Overall a very interesting episode


I have tu admit, I had no interest on this podcast but decided tu listen as I watch my son workout. This was a great podcast. I love the questions and answers by Dirk. I love the flow of the podcast and how each topic didn’t have that awkward silence at times. It was very clear and man did I learn alot. I also like how Dirk felt like a regular person and relatable. Man do he know his job and it really made me look at athletic funding differently.

I am also in the middle of the debate about athletes being paid. I do think it will change college sports.  But I do think we live in a capitalist society and players should be able tu profit from their work.  I dont think a football team should have tu fund the swim team or any other sport.   If the rowing team is not able tu fund themselves than there shouldnt be a rowing team. Why my son hard work as a football player support someone else career or livelihood.  I just mentioned I watch my son workout.  That player who is on the university tennis team didnt help me pay for my son workout.   They dont care that im not working and have tu sacrafice our lives for my son tu have the option tu be a division one athlete.  So once he get tu college, why is the funds off his hard work going tu others?  For the most part, the players that are not playing football or basketball come from great homes and environments.  Their parents can afford workouts.   Meanwhile, I have tu be a Uber driver tu support my family. Thats the part of the scholarship topic and funding that irks me. So I get both sides.  I don't want the game I grew up loving tu change but I definetly can relate tu why it is changing.

Thanks Tu. That was exactly the idea where we could all be educated on this type of thing and obviously Dirk knows. Was great that he came on and shared this stuff for everyone. The numbers are crazy!

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On the paying athlete’s front, I’m of the opinion it only really helps a small % of athletes and the real brand dollars/budgets will have to be regulated heavily.
Example: I’m a fan of school X, I have a marketing budget…I shift my money from advertising with the school to my favorite player. Or I’m a National Brand like All-state…I shift my money from Chris Paul, to who? It’s likely always going to be a big time program athlete. Schools with more influential alumni, can shift more dollars towards their school’s players…it just gets dicey really fast without regulations and rules around it. making fans pay for autographs or experiences will generate some cash, but again…it’s a smaller % and the biggers schools like duke, unc, kentucky, alabama will have more of an advantage…