Does anyone know what the coaching staff's thoughts are about

…recruiting foreign players?

I realize that not all 13 scholarship players on a college team can average in double figures at the same time, but do you think that the coaching staff expected these players to be better than they have showed so far, or do you think they recruited them with the idea that they’d be backup-caliber ACC players?

Francisco Caffaro
Kody Stattmann

Caffaro was a well-known international player, I think. He looks closer to 6-9 (even 6-8?) than his listed 7-0. He played well against UNC last year. I think if he was willing to be…an “enforcer”…he could get a lot of minutes, but I don’t think the coaching staff wants that. Think of all the playing time that Terry Gates used to get for UVa. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that Stattmann was well-known, although maybe to people in his country he is. In my opinion, when he’s open, he’s a reliable 3-point shooter. I wish he’d watch film of how Jeff Lamp shot his pull-up jumper, and try to pattern his style after him. :slight_smile:

I know the coaching staff must have high hopes for Taine Murray, but who knows what he’ll do? I realize that no one has a crystal ball, but does anyone who reads this board know someone, who knows someone, who has seen Taine Murray play in person?

Just curious: I don’t know the ages of the people who are on here, but does anyone here need to Google Jeff Lamp and Terry Gates to know who they were? :slight_smile:

Remember them!

Gonna have to go back further than Lamp. I watched Barry Parkhill play

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I remember seeing Gus Gerard play on the freshman team, with Dan Bonner.