Does Sam Hauser stay another year?

Now that the NCAA says this years seniors (4th years) that stay will not count against scholarships next season.
Does anyone think he stays?..or am I wrong in the fact that he can even stay since he was a transfer?
Sorry if this has already been asked…

Zero chance that Hauser returns for 2021-22.


I think he rolls out barring an injury. Hopefully he gets drafted.

Enjoy him while you can cause he is one and done on the court in Charlottesville


Dude should already be in the NBA. We are lucky we have him for one year.


just asking, not saying we aren’t lucky.

If he stays he will be 24. Not good for NBA draft

I guess I am in the minority, I could see him stay.
Not saying I am married to my opinion but if he sat a year out to play one season with us (& most seem to think he should already be in the NBA), then I wouldn’t be shocked if he wanted to stay.
I know money talks and that his age is also a factor in the draft…
Either way, just making conversation…

Didn’t think you were saying anything negative. Sorry if my post came across that way. I just watched these playoffs and became dumbfounded by how many guys were productive that were worse college players than what Hauser has already shown. And now he has two years of working with TB and staff. Throw in the longterm girlfriend and I think it’s safe to say he’s a Charlotte Hornet or something in 21-22.


of course… after we win the natty this season… he will be gone!!


I don’t think you’ll see many major college players play a 5th year. But there will probably be a few ways the rule will be taken advantage of. For example why officially redshirt a freshman this year? Some coaches might go ahead and stick those guys into games here and there. It’ll be more a way to get around rules that are seen as stupid to begin with or players perceived injustices.

What will be interesting is if there’s a whole new market for mid major stars moving up as 5th year transfers. That’s probably how it would impact the ACC more than current players. Never know for sure what will happen though… All new territory.


Great point. Love the odea of playing first yrs and not burning a redshirt. Kind of lile the 4 game rule un football.