Does UVa have any interest in Yale 6-10 graduate transfer?


Proly depends on who commits or doesnt of current recruits is my guess


Possible option if we miss out on Kaufman, pending staff’s evaluation. Good Find though!

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Also could be option if Reid doesn’t sign.

At the moment, that ship may have sailed. However, It could return.

He would be a really nice pickup. Nice back-to-the basket game! With our shooters and the potential spacing that it brings, he could be a valuable asset. We haven’t really had a skill-set like his since Gill.

Also depends on what Justin, Papi, and Kadin show this year.

I agree. He would probably pair well with Kadin, Justin, and possibly Murphy. However, I don’t see him and Papi playing together. More than likely he would play the four in a big lineup and the five in a smaller line-up.

I am very skeptical. Coach Bennett’s schemes are more difficult to master for big men. There is more to learn. I doubt he could become proficient in a single year. A graduate transfer would suggest to me that Virginia had few, if any, other options. That said, there are no immediate needs in this recruiting cycle. The staff can afford to be selective. In fact, if there’s a remaining scholarship in the spring, I imagine that Virginia will accept a transfer, but I also think it will be one with more than one year of eligibility remaining. And, a redshirt wouldn’t surprise me, either, despite the rules change. Unless a graduate transfer is coming from a school that plays schemes identical to Coach Bennett’s, I don’t believe there is much value to be found in them. The learning curve is too steep, and I don’t think that Yale fits that description anyway.

Kaufman took his only paid visits to Purdue and Indiana, right?

I’m pretty sure that is correct. He’s probably more familiar with Indiana, the campus, and players more than any of the five. However, I’ll bet his relationship with CTB has a depth that is different from the rest. Just basing that on who Tony is as a person.

Good point regarding the “D” aspect! If they strike out during the early signing period and feel someone is too good to pass up, they might take a chance. However,other than a 4 or 5 with back-to-the basket offensive skills, I don’t see an immediate need for anything.

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While I have no inside knowledge whatsoever, based on the last three recruiting cycles, I fully expect for Coach Bennett to sign a transfer with at least two years of eligibility in the spring. Part of this has to do with the fact that I would be really surprised if Virginia gets two more commitments before the early signing period. Part of it is because, due to the extended recruiting dead period, I suspect that there won’t be anymore 2021 offers being extended. And part of it is because in the last three recruiting cycles, Virginia has taken four transfers. Seems like a trend to me. And, I wouldn’t be surprised to see transfers redshirt, unless they are plus perimeter defenders a la Braxton Key. Go 'Hoos!!!

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It’s no question, we like this process. It helps with roster management and learning the defense also. I think we are becoming known as a transfer destination for the prospect who seeks to maximize his developmental process.