Dom Starsia


Cool move for Dom. I know he needs to stay in Cville for his daughters’ sake, and BlueRidge is legit so I’m glad he gets to coach again. He tried the pros for a few years, but he’s not made for that. He works best with college age guys, so think he’ll be great at BR. Kids there are gonna be spoiled.


Agree with @brogdonfanpage huge pickup for Blue Ridge, but really happy for Dom. Love his story, and his dedication to him family. Glad to see he has an opportunity to care for them and do what he loves as a coach.


Yeah Dom is such a great guy. I mean he was the CTB at UVA before CTB was CTB lol. Was a shame how things came to a close for him at UVA, but his fingerprints are all over the program’s rebirth over the last few years. Lol I mean he literally recruited all the guys that Tiffany won the natty with. Take into account the fact that Dom coached Tiffany in college and that Tiffany literally lived with Dom for a few months, he’s just such a class act and a great dude.


Great for the state of Virginia having Dom there working with HS kids. Awesome dude