Dragon's 2021 College Football Picks Week 11

Imagine it’s JW unless they get real cute and play Thompson. Thompson is the only qb with NCAA experience. I’d bet they play multiple guys seems to be their M.O. if the stud is down.

Sounding like Jay Woolfolk from everything I’ve read. True freshman.

Bronco indicated he plays similar to Brennan.

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Man true fresh agaisnt that secondary and a sold out house. If he’s gotten the starters rep at training it could work out

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This is exciting shit. Can he run?

Edit: Oh wait hes from Chesterfield. Dude is gonna go nuts tonight

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Recruited as a duel threat qb

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Dual threat guy. He came in at the end of BYU.

Richmond guy too. Maybe he can have a little
Bo Nix type magic.


Hmm Bo Nix may not be the magic we’re going for. But I get what you’re saying.

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Just dropped a mortgage on ND… lets see how this goes


He never warmed up. He lobbed the ball 10 times from 10 yards along the sideline, then went in and put on his street clothes. It was obvious the first time he “threw” the ball that he wasn’t playing a football game last night.

I’m only a casual gambler on the betting apps in Va but should find a way to bet against the hoos, ND was the lock of the week since we all pretty much knew BA wouldn’t play.

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Yea that was easy money and saved my week. One advantage of not living in Va. If BA is out or banged up for next week Id likely do the same.