Dragon's 2021 College Football Picks Week 13

Rocking and rolling after winning big last week. 5-3 on the week brings me to 39-46 and I’m eying getting to .500 on the season so this is going to be a massive Thanksgiving line up of picks for the extra long college football weekend. And it’s rivalry week BEAT TECH.

LSU +6.5 vs. Texas A&M Over 45.5
Coach O’s last game in Death Valley. Despite essentially getting the ax in October, the LSU faithful and more importantly the football team have stuck with Coach O. I’m chalking a lot of this up to homefield advantage. Death Valley can be a special place at night and there will be a lot of emotion in the air. Jimbo has out done himself with the Aggies production on the field this season. I like this to be a classic SEC slugfest with LSU +6.5 and the over 45.5

Clemson -11.5 vs. South Carolina Over 42.5
Clemson may be on their way to wrapping up the greatest down year ever. A win against SC gives them a 9 win season. Not bad for a team that was missing all of their typical calling cards. The Gamecocks have gone scalp hunting a few times this season and pulled in some big game. But despite the down year Dabo and the Tigers aren’t ready to give up the crown for the state of South Carolina just yet. Clemson -11.5 over 42.5

Oregon State +7 vs. Oregon
This game could not have better timing for the Beavers. Oregon just blew a shot at the CFP and they their coach may be eying property in South Florida as we speak. It also doesn’t hurt that Oregon St. is coming in hot after an impressive win against Arizona State. Oregon St. +7

Oklahoma +4 vs. Oklahoma State:
Here’s a rivalry stat for you, Okie State has only won Bedlam 18 of the 119 times they’ve played. The Cowboys may get win number 19 in the series on Saturday. They have the second ranked defense in the nation and the control the clock strangling opposing teams offense. I’m not sure who kidnapped Mike Gundy and turned him into a ball control freak, but I’m guessing it has something to do with his choice of news outlets. Anyways, this will be a tight game with Oklahoma covering the +4.

Auburn vs. Alabama Over 56.5
This rivalry has given us some classic moment just in the last decade. Saturday’s matchup likely won’t be one of those classics. But both teams will score the ball. Auburns defense disappeared in the last five weeks. Bama is trying to make a strong statement ahead of a colossal showdown with UGA next week. Over 56.5

Florida State +2.5 vs. Florida
Mullen is out in Gainesville, and with it what little direction was left in the program is gone. Meanwhile despite playing ugly football FSU is showing signs of life and they may actually want to be bowl eligible unlike the Gators. Florida State +2.5

Michigan State +2 vs. Penn State:
Two coaches 20 years of guaranteed money worth just south of $200 million. College football is out of hand. The other way to look at this is, Mel Tucker proves why Sparty made the right choice in re-upping him, and James Franklin leaves us scratching our heads wondering why PSU didn’t leave the front gate open so he could go explore other opportunities. Michigan State +2.

BYU -6.5 vs. USC
This one could get ugly. After an early season slump, The Cougs are rolling. The offense found it’s rhythm a few weeks back against UVa and has not looked back. USC remains in a holding pattern until a new regime makes it’s way to SoCal. BYU -6.5.

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech. Over 54
If Notre Dame blanked the Yellow Jackets, UGa may put the entire football program into hibernation. It’s going to be on the Bulldogs to score points here, but I like their defense for 2 TD’s alone. Over 54.

Washington - 1 vs. Washington State
It’s the Apple Cup. I just wanted to type that out. Also is this the first time two teams meet with both of them having interim coaches thanks to mid season firings? Give me Washington -1.

Virginia -7 vs. Virginia Tech
All credit to BA he looked like he had not lost a step last week in his return to action. The numbers he’s put up are phenomenal this season, but if he wants to cement his legacy in Virginia football history, he’s going to lead the Hoos to a win against Tech. With the conference title opportunity gone, this is by far the biggest game of the season. Plus 7-6 looks and feels a lot more promising that 6-6. I fully believe BA understands opportunity at hand, and what a big showing means for his legacy. Virginia -7


Welp I was slightly off on the Wash WSU one… time to tighten up

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Tossing in another one to make up for the Apple Cup debacle. UK +3 vs Louisville. There must be an injury or something wonky with UK cause that line makes no sense

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Modifying a bet and adding sparty +4. Big movement on that line overnight

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Had over points UNC State last nighg. saw score early 4th and was like well we lost this one. Then…

Always like overs for some reason in NC State football

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That’s wild talk about sneaking in with a win

couldnt believe it. just saw the very end and was like wait what

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Hoos win late night cover by state. That’s how you roll into thw weekend in style


wanted to take Duke so bad getting 8 points. seemed too good to be true so if course did nada

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Late breaking news apparently Michigan State is riddled by the flu. Could explain the linw move

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Ohio State-Michigan in snow with Gus Johnson on the call. I don’t know if it can get any better.


Perfect football atmosphere. It’s just sad knowing it’ll end by some sort of epic Michigan screw up as it always does.


Definitely an awesome appetizer for our game later. I’m already pumped.

And so true that Michigan will blow it. Unfortunately, we perform similarly against Tech…

Bet Ohio State hard. Couldn’t bring myself to put money on VT +7 but definitely feeling like I’m leaving money on the table by not doing so.


My friends and I were texting the same thing. This is football

I was terrified of betting the Michigan game. Almost went with the under just before KO when I knew it was gonna snow.

I’m vwry bullish on the Hoos today. Not sure if my fandom is clouding my judgement. But VT is bad.


I hear you but the specter of 2018 still haunts me.

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Totally get that

It got better


A meteor could land on the stadium

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The universe is looking for a way to shaft Cincy.