Dragon's 2021 College Football Picks Week 6

Alright so we’re doing this again because I’m a gluten for punishment. After last week’s less than stellar performance I’m sitting at 12-17 on the season and dropping cash like a LSU basketball coach at an AAU tournament. But here I am swinging away again and trying to some money back. Let’s make some picks.

Michigan St. vs. Rutgers over 51
Michigan State has an offense and they use it. Strange to type those words out, but it’s true. Sparty is averaging 38.6 points a game. Rutgers has been gutted by OSU and Michigan in the last two weeks, but they actually are a quality team that can get points on the board. Take the over 51.

Vanderbilt vs. Florida over 59.5
Florida got worked under the lights in Lexington last weekend and have looked a bit out of synch since their close call against Alabama three weeks ago. But here comes Vandy to the not so comfy confines of The Swamp and you can bet that Vandy is gonna Vandy. Love the over in this one. Over 59.5

BYU-5 vs. Boise St.
BYU is undervalued… think we’ve heard that before. The Cougars are rolling on offense and they will square off with a Broncos team that is 123rd in yards per rushing attempt, and 80th in yards per play. Meanwhile BYU has an extra day to prep and get the offense ready to attack. BYU jumps all over a lost Boise St. BYU -5.

UConn -3 vs. UMass
This won’t be pretty, but it could be entertaining. Last week UConn and Vanderbilt put on a show in the rain for 15 people. The Huskies lost on a last second field goal. The previous week UConn lost on a failed 2-point conversion against Wyoming. By my math, the Huskies are due. More importantly if you combined UConn and UMass into one team, Bama beats them by 30. But take UConn -3 here.

Iowa -1.5 vs. Penn St.
A top five showdown in Iowa that even Gameday didn’t want to attend. PSU has looked shaky in their rise to the top, and looking at who they knocked off, Wisconsin and Auburn, I am left unimpressed. Kirk Ferentz group are ballhawks and lead the nation in takeaways per game, and they are going to be fired up to get on the waiting list for the College Football Playoff. Iowa -1.5.

Oklahoma -3 vs. Texas
This is a top 25 matchup once again. That’s something to worth celebrating. That said, I am not sure how real Texas is. Oklahoma is undefeated, but they have not looked like the Sooners we are accustomed to seeing. There are questions at the quarterback position, but through it all they keep winning. Oklahoma would love to take advantage of a national audience to show they belong, and beating your biggest rival would be an added bonus. Oklahoma -3.

Tennessee vs. South Carolina over 56.5
Tennessee is starting to be fun to watch. Josh Heupel is slowly getting the Vols accustomed to the upbeat style of offense he used to make UCF into a powerhouse. I shied away from the spread on this one, because honestly I could see this being a trap game for Tennessee after blowing out Mizzu last week. But what I am confident about is there will be points. Over 56.5

Virginia vs. Louisville under 69.5
I wouldn’t touch this spread for anything. It currently has Louisville as a 2.5 favorite. I’ve watched both of these teams multiple times this season, and I’m not sure what to think of either of them. I do believe the high end speed on the Virginia offense has slowed a touch and the gaudy offensive numbers from the beginning of the season are coming back down to earth. My advice, grab a beer, or something stronger if you need it and enjoy.


UVA only getting 2.5 feels off to me, like bait. Which means the Hoos roll.


Cards -2.5 feels like a free put

Always sell the put.

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I have been a uva fan too long to sell puts anywhere close to ATM


2.5 looks like flat skew to me. youre proly right. I think Dragon is seeing it clearly: under points

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The line makes no sense to me. I don’t trust it at all. But it’s a lot of points. And truth be told Virginia offense hasn’t functioned and scored at a high clip since first half of UNC

I wouldn’t touch the Virginia-Louisville spread either, but I’d bet that game three times over before wagering money on UConn and UMass. Nothing hurts more than losing money on teams you know are bad. “Let’s see … which group of incompetents is going to screw up more than the other … hmmm.”

My theory is find a team or two that really passes the eye test and run with them all year. I haven’t seen a lot of football this year, but Iowa and Arkansas have looked legit when I’ve peeked in on them (although I missed the Ark/Georgia game, both in terms of viewing and against the spread).


My thing is even if the UVA offense is regressing a bit (I think the opponent quality has just ticked up) it’s still a pretty good to very good offense. And that Louisville defense is bad bad bad

That being said I’m not touching the line


The Virginia offense is a good unit. However I think the stats are inflated from the first 2 games. I also don’t feel confident in them. They can’t run the ball and while they have shown flashes of great execution there’s nothing out there that strikes fear in opponents. They have to use scheme and formation to create match ups(nothing wrong with that) and when the D is forcing them into shootouts that can be dangerous.

For what it’s worth I wouldn’t be suprised if UVa wins tomorrow this is one of the 3 wins i see left for them. But I also wouldn’t bat an eye if they lost.

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HGN is right on the money here. Anytime something looks to good to be true WATCH OUT. It’s a trap. Hope I didn’t jinx UVA by even talking about it

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Adding in a late bet UCLA - 15 vs Arizona. The Wildcats are awful.

UVa game is on ACCN isnt it?

Yes it is

Thanks. unwatchable for me ha. maybe have to hit a spot across the street

I would definitely hit it. Especially if I could enjoy a few beers

Thats the idea my man. Part the game

Hit up across the street have a coors and Dragon will keep you updated

my man. this spot have direct tv. will have my homegirl Cat find the UVa game for me


I just turned on the Virginia game and saw a 99 yrd td i hate Virginia football