Dragon's 2022 College Football Picks Week 9 (Season 3)

4-4-1 Last Week
37-29-2 Overall
@HoozGotNext Locke of the Week 5-4 (step it up you’re making me look bad.

Just call me Even Steven at this point. Another week right at .500 with a couple close misses, a complete whiff, and a few slam dunks. Got to find a way to get out of this rut of mediocrity, because that’s the quickest path to being forgotten.

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Pitt +3 vs. UNC
Pitt has dropped two of the last three and UNC have climbed their way into the top 25 yet they are only favored by 3 at home? I feel like Vegas is calling to me, and yes I will pick up and answer. The TarHeels have failed to cover their last six games following a bye. Meanwhile Pitt is 6-1 on the road ATS since last hear. Pitt’s going to have their hands full trying to keep up with the prolific Carolina passing attack, but I like their chances.
Pitt +3

Tennessee -11.5 vs. Kentucky
This game falls at an interesting time in the schedule for the Vols. UGA is one week away, and there’s not way the players in the locker room aren’t looking ahead to a trip to Athens. But this is a good Kentucky team that has taken some lumps this season but they aren’t about to lay down and hand the East to the Vols on a platter. I don’t expect to see the full Tennessee flair in this one, but they will flex their muscles just enough and if they get up early hit the cruise control down the stretch against a UK offense that can sputter in the redzone.
Tennessee -11.5

Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M under 55
Make no mistake the Aggies are up shi$ts creek without a paddle. The wheels have fallen off on their season, and honestly if you look at their overall performance under Jimbo, it’s been a steady stream of mediocrity. But with his guarantees and the fact that the list of coaches who can go toe-to-toe with LSU, Bama, UGA on a yearly basis is slim, A&M are stuck with their boy. On the field we know the Aggies QB situation is bad, and the offense struggles. but the defense has proven to be pretty stout and can keep games tight. Lane hasn’t aired it out as much this season as he has in the past and he routinely struggles to rack up points against Jimbo.
Under 55

Ohio State -14.5 vs. Penn State
It’s that time of year of every PSU fan questions why James Franklin is their HC. Hung tight with Michigan for 2.5 quarters before they got boat raced. Beat up on a freshman QB making his first start last week at Minnesota and now here comes Ohio State. The best team in the country (I hate saying that but it’s true). The Buckeyes have weapons everywhere and they deploy them early and often. Two weeks ago Michigan ran the Nittany Lions into the ground, now OSU will run bombard them through the air.
Ohio State -14.5

Notre Dame +1.5 vs. Syracuse
This is my weekly I hate Cuse rant, which is funny because I realized last weekend I actually like Dino a lot and want him to be successful, I just want his team to lose, or at least be put in their place. Notre Dame is all over the place and frankly just an average team but timing is everything, Syracuse lost a ton of momentum with their loss in Death Valley and I like ND’s chance to catch 'em.
Notre Dame +1.5

Wake Forest -3 vs. Louisville
Wake is a covering machine 6-1 ATS this season. They are also very good. Wake has an offensive unit ranked in the top 10 in the nation currently. Louisville found life during their trip to Charlottesville and they are playing inspired football. This will be a tight one, but the number is too small for Wake to miss on.
Wake Forest -3

Iowa vs. Northwestern under 37.5
Yup I’m doing it. The Iowa offense is the worst thing I’ve seen on a football field ever, and I watch the current version of the Hoos offense closely. Northwestern pretty much took the year off after knocking off Nebraska in an Irish pub in Dublin, and I don’t see them going wild here either. The spread bouncing between 10-11 is interesting because while I’m sure Iowa wins, I’m not sure they can get enough defensive TD’s to win by more than 11, what can you expect from a team averaging 14 ppg.
Under 37.5

Oklahoma -1.5 vs. Iowa St.
A down year for the Sooners has them on a trajectory for 9 wins… to be in that position… The key here is Dillion Gabriel is back for Oklahoma. When your defense can’t stop anyone like Oklahoma’s, you need to make sure your offense is clicking and the Sooners are far more efficient with him call the plays. This could also be a tipping point game for the Sooners, and win and a path to 9 wins and maybe a shot at the Big 12 are in reach, a lost and the season is gone. I expect them to step up.
Oklahoma -1.5

Coastal Carolina -2.5 vs. Marshall
So the Heard stomped on my JMU pick last time out despite being 12.5 point dogs. That was was all about the Duke miscues, 5 TO’s are tough to overcome for any team. The Coastal defense was a disaster last time they took the field giving up 528 yards, 6 20 yard TDs and 2 50 yard TDs. Nick Howell must have got a new job mid-season for numbers like that. I expect the Chants to return to the mean on Saturday and find their footing against a Marshall outfit that is riding just a bit too high.

Coastal Carolina -2.5

Virginia +2.5 vs. Miami
When did Miami become the worst team in the ACC? I honestly thought we were going to get a glimpse of The U this season, and we haven’t seen them since they beat the brakes of Bethune Cookman in week 1. The Hoos came off their best game of the season last Thursday. Was it ugly? yup, did they struggle? yup, that’s what this year’s club does. But BA was his most decisive and the Oline gave him some time. We still need to see everyone on the Virginia side take better care of the ball and dial in more on the little details if they want to find some success. The line feels about right for two teams searching for anything to grab onto for the season and a path to 6 wins. If the Hoos want to go bowling they have to pick up the win on Saturday. Plus I do like the under.
Under 48.5


ND Cuse could be real interesting. Also, did ND go on a bye after week 3 and this is their first game back? Ha

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haha amazing what happens to Domer fans when their team comes back down to earth.

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Ha. If sure is.

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Of your picks, I like Wake Forest and Oklahoma somewhat. I would steer clear of the UT game for all the reasons you mention. I definitely don’t like Coastal Carolina. Marshall has risen up in its two toughest games this year to defeat Notre Dame and JMU. Their defense has been consistently stout, only giving up 16 a game. They are playing at home and getting 2.5 points against a team giving up nearly 30 a game against a fairly forgettable schedule. Yes, I like Marshall.

Outside of your picks I definitely like South Carolina (-3.5) to keep it rolling at home against an injured and unimpressive Missouri team [POTW]. I also like Cincinnati (+1) on the road against UCF.

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Am I crazy taking MSU plus 23 at Michigan? I would do ML there too just for juice

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The UT game is more to give me a reason to tune in than anything and it’s going to be a moderate play because I could see that one being wonky. I see the Marshall Coastal game as a litmus test for both teams but I like Coastal a touch more to find their form.

Love both those picks you made the Gamecocks game felt a little too good to be true but sets up real nice for them. The UC game also feels off to me and am a bit surprised UC is entering a dog albeit minor.

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Well I was leaning toward Coastal until @5sheff talked me out of it. Going with Oklahoma.

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Best of the options provided.

Games that I like:

TCU to cover (-7.5) @ WVA
Oregon to cover (-17.5) @ Cal (Oregon’s only loss was to UGA)
Cincinnati plus the points (1) @ UCF
USC-East (-3.5) to cover vs Missouri
Hate to go against the host, but I like UNC to cover vs. Pitt

Note: Won big time last night - but it was one of the most painful wins I have ever endured - especially the first half (VT vs NC St ) - that first half was probably close to water torture -
The over / under dropped during the 1st half to 21 at one point (I was tempted) as it appeared neither team was going to score…LOL


Okay I’m tracking Zirkle’s picks. I feel like there’s a good chance he’s an ace and been holding out on us.

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Nice i like where your heads at.

The 17.5 for Or. Scared me off but I do like them im that game.

I like TCU a lot but they’ve caught a few breaks facing backup qbs and this feels like one of those Big 12 shootouts

Solid work @BDragon
Not listed I like the Red Raiders to house Baylor under the lights, it’s a black out as they retire Mahomes jersey


Thank you Ohh didn’t realize they were doing that love that call

Can you bet directly using your TV remote while watching the game in the US yet? It’s pretty dangerous NGL.

Hah no not yet. Most common now is better aps. Which basically the same

I don’t know if Dion Sanders can coach. But what what he’s done to bring public attention to HBCUs is damn near a miracle.


The WVU kicker’s last name is Legg. Incredible.


Whoah TCU with a total garbage cover. Add on TD to go up 10 with 20 secs left.

Happy dance for @zblakey


The UCF kickers name is Boomer. Can’t make this stuff up.
Never thought I’d have to root for uncheat to salvage my day. lol :joy: