Dragon's College Football Pick Week 5

I don’t even know why I’m doing this clearly I have no idea what I’m doing and I could likely do just as well throwing a dart at a wall. But after last week’s 1-4 performance, I don’t have a wall to throw a dart at. So here we are 10-13, but I feel a heater coming on.

Alabama vs. Ole Miss over 79.5:
This game has disaster written all over it for a lot of reasons. It also promises to be one of the most exciting games you will ever see. Ole Miss is coming off a bye, and Kiffin has had two weeks to prepare and devise a scheme to attack Bama’s defense. Will it work? kinda… They will score points, and still lose to a juggernaut of an offense. Last year Bama almost hit the over on their own with a 64-48 drubbing. That looks like a score when NC State visits JPJ to take on the Hoos not a football score. Give me the over 79.5 and enjoy the fireworks.

Arkansas +18 vs. Georgia under 50.5
Let’s go wompin. Shakira says she was attacked and robed by wild boars in the streets of Barcelona and I’m taking that as a sign (yup that’s where I’m currently at). The Georgia defense is giving up 5.7 points a game through four weeks, let that one sink in. The Razorbacks will struggle to find the end zone, but they have the studs and size to make this an old school mud fight. Georgia takes the win but Arkansas keeps it close and neither team tops 20 points. Arkansas +18 under 50.5

LSU -3 vs. Auburn
There are few better gameday experiences than a night game in Death Valley at night. Auburn stole a game last week on the Plains against Ga. South and they have all sorts of internal turmoil. There’s an absolute issue at quarterback with Nix being yanked midway through last week’s game. LSU had a season saving victory last weekend, and are trying to build on something with baby steps. These are two shaky programs but the home field advantage elevates the Tigers. LSU -3.

UAB -2 vs. Liberty
It’s well documented on this board that I hate all things Liberty. But that is not what’s clouding my judgement here. UAB has been one of the more entertaining stories this season. Liberty and Hugh are hellbent on becoming a contender and snaking their way into a Power 5. This is a big day at UAB they are opening their new 45,000 seat stadium and there will be plenty of fanfare. The good emotions are enough to knock off Liberty. UAB -2.

Pitt -3 vs. Georgia Tech
I partially joke that this is the game to decide the Coastal. And despite a Hoos win last night, I still feel like this game may decide the Coastal. Pitt is averaging 52 points a game. We truly live in a bizzaro world. Georgia Tech got the biggest win of the post-Paul Jonson era last week knocking off UNC. They are building something legit in the Atl. but it’s not quite their time. Pitt covers -3.

Ohio State -15 vs. Rutgers
Rutgers made Michigan look human last week, who can’t say that over the last 15 years. Ohio State may be slowly approaching a reckoning as the Ryan Day era settles into place. But they will get a reprieve over the weekend, when they put a hurt on Rutgers and attempt to regain their swag. OSU -15.


Arkansas-Georgia at 12:00, Cincy-ND at 2:30 and Bama-Ole Miss at 3:30 is a ridiculous lineup of games. I will be SHOCKED if Arkansas doesn’t cover that +18 line (though there’s a good chance saying that blows up in my face).

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Yup massive slate of games this year. Looking forward to settling in and enjoying. I know my jumping on the Razorbacks bandwagon 2 weeks ago means the wheels fall out in spectacular fashion in Athens tomorrow.

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Does the wompin reference mean that the Dragon is a fellow Shutdown Fullcast listener?

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You should try using a gimmick… like let your dog look at two food bowls w/ the names of the teams as well… and see if the dog makes better choices than you.


Fact massive fan of that. Fullcast after dark is a staple


Thought about doing something like that the. I relaized my dog/cat/baby etc would all make better picks.

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Gotta love “the internet’s only college football podcast”!

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I can confirm the Razorbacks Oline rolled up to the waffle house this morning and each ordered the left side of the menu smothered and covered. Gonna be some wompin on Athens today.


Line is down to +16.5. I like the Razorbacks here.

I never bet college football but couldn’t resist taking Iowa at -3 against Maryland. Easy money.

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The run of games from 12-630 today is sorta ludicrous


Tremendous slate of games today

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Has a coach ever been a more representative avatar of his team’s identity than Sam Pittman?

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I was wrong about Arkansas


Not wrong yet lotta time to cover

Fresh on UGa. Full disclosure I read the line wrong. Still dont understand the lingo hahaha


Michigan as an underdog was too tempting for me to not take. Feel like I fall into this trap every year though

Arkansas has less than 100 yards of offense in the first half. 4 of 5 drives were 3 and outs. They had one 12 play drive that resulted in a missed field goal… UGAs defense has played 24 snaps… AR receives to start the 2nd half. Gotta believe that UGA D will bring it and do their best to stomp the life out of AR on that first drive…


Arkansas is shooting themselves in the fot. UGA IS legit good. Jo need to start every drive with 1st and 15

This uga game is exactly why i handcuff my bets. Basically a lock to to hit the under.