Dragon's College Football Picks Week 14

Well that happened had my first 0’fer week in a very very long time. Never a great feeling, but looking at my overall record and money earned/loss it’s falling exactly in line with what Vegas wants. The funny part about picking games is, if you want to make money you got to know when to get out. Typically speaking if you stick around long enough you’re going to be right around .500 and break-evenish in terms of cash. Feels like this season is heading that way for the Dragon.


Oklahoma St. -1 vs. TCU: I’m not sure what it is, but I keep coming back to Oklahoma St this season, and the results have been mixed. However, they just always seem to get favorable lines. There are slim margins on a game with a one point spread, but something about this line feels off. I’m even more shocked that it opened at -3 and has gone down. Surprised people are jumping on the Horned Frogs bandwagon to hammer this one down. TCU is 4-4 on the season, 1-3 at home and may be missing upwards of 30 players on Saturday. The Cowboys lost a shootout to Texas and got boat raced by OU in what’s becoming an annual tradition. -1 should be no issue for them. Okie St. -1

Auburn +6 vs. Texas A&M: Auburn has been a bit of a mess this season, and Texas A&M simply haven’t factored into any conversations nationally. However, I like War Eagle in this one. In the last four seasons Auburn has been a home dog six times, covering five times and winning outright four of those times. I like Auburn to win outright in this one as well, but definitely make the play for the +6. Auburn +6

Texas -7 vs. Kansas St: K-State will come out amped up for this one, and I expect them to blitz the Longhorns early. However, I don’t see Ehlinger losing his final two games regular season games as a Longhorn. The Wildcats will be plunky but talent wins out here. Texas -7/

Cal +10 vs. Oregon: Typically I like my picks to past the eye test at first inspection, and this one did not pass the test. But upon further review I liked what I saw. Cal got blown out to start the season and has been riding the heartbreak train ever since. Losing on a blocked PAT last week. What is wonky about Cal’s 0-3 record is how much COVID has ravaged their season with all the start-stops. That opening week blowout? A last minute Sunday game against UCLA with limited player availability. Oregon on the other hand been playing and practicing on a regular basis and they gave up 523 yards to Oregon St. in a losing effort in the Apple Cup last week. Their defense is awful and gives up chunks of yards on the ground. This is going to be a competitive game. Cal +10

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UVA without Noah Taylor today.

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That’s a lot of offense out

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Typically you should end up around 50 % on picking your games. Of course it never happened for me. But at 50% Vegas is happy. They get the vig

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Yup esp if your picking 50 plus games a season tough to get far above. 500. All comes down to the bets ans which ones are hitting